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    Computer/keyboard/mouse question

    Hi. So right now my computer is some bad HP pavilion desktop that's about 2 years old, the keyboard is the one it came with, and my mouse is some fail Microsoft one that I bought about a year ago for $30. (please no one say "noob, quit wow if play games with that", that's why I made this thread.) So I'm starting raiding right now after taking about 2 years off, last thing I did was SSC and TK, and also came back and did Naxx25 for a while. So I need to know how I can improve these things. I'm guessing the first step would be a keyboard.... I've heard of some macroed keyboards that make it so holding down a button spams the skill for you? Just wondering what some reasonable quality keyboards are. Same for a mouse. Lastly, I lag a little in 25-mans, not as much as you'd think though, and was wondering how to improve general performance, as I always have to run on the lowest settings. Is this my graphics card? I know very little about computers.
    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Computer/keyboard/mouse question

    Well I think the keyboard you are thinking of is probably a Logiech g15..
    As far as the mouse goes, I use a Razer Lachisis, works best for me but I'm sure there's plenty more of those out there:

    As far as your fps performance goes... You have an OEM PC which means that it most likely either has a very low budget standalone card or it has an integrated card. That right there is going to be your biggest limiting factor when it comes to your dps. But, in order to help you out further I would need more information about your current PC. Model, specs, etc.
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