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    Graphics help

    Recently I have been suffering horribly in terms of performance. I have to set the settings down to nothing and i still run around dungeons in about 10-15 fps. Does anyone know anyway i can fix this?

    Machine info:
    it is the one with the ATI Mobility radeon x1400 graphics, not the nVidia7800 and with 1440x900 resolution

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    Re: Graphics help

    How many add-ons do you have? Sometimes if you download to many add-ons, they will eat up memory and lag the client. Turn off your add-on's, log back in, see if that helps. But that is one of many possible solutions.

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    Re: Graphics help

    I use rothUI, DBM,atlasloot,pratter,power auras,recount, and gs (unfortunatly).

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