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    4pc boomkin and what offset piece?

    Hello there,

    Will get my 4th tier-piece soon, and started to wonder what offset piece I should get. Any suggestions?


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    Re: 4pc boomkin and what offset piece?

    Personally I've decided to get all 5 tiers pieces since it fits perfectly in my 'ideal gear list'. Having enough hit from 4 items (wrist, legs, gloves and the rep ring). But Festergut drops a pair of Haste/Crit legs in 10 man which are quite good if you got your hit covered - you can also just get the crafted Haste/Crit legs from Tailoring if you have the saronites. Ofcourse we don't know what Mr. Arthas will drop for us yet.
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    Re: 4pc boomkin and what offset piece?

    the Bis list which someone devised showed helm of the elder moon off festergut 25 man as the offpiece, however im going for the crafted cloth legs because of the haste / crit on them as my off piece
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    Re: 4pc boomkin and what offset piece?

    I was planning to get Gloves as offpiece, but depends if I don't need hit from Legs, probably Legs instead of Gloves then.

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    Re: 4pc boomkin and what offset piece?

    Depends on your hit and do you have time and money to get 8x primordial saronite. I got loads of hit on few items so getting those crafted legs was choice i made. Pretty much depends on your itemisation what you need and what you get from different pieces.

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