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    Dual Screen Display

    I have a S-Video cable connecting my tv to my computer and im trying to play a streaming movie on my tv screen. it plays just fine but when i go full screen and try to tab back to wow on my main lcd it shrinks again.

    anyone know how to make the video on my tv stay full screen but still give me access to WoW on my main screen.

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    Re: Dual Screen Display

    Not sure if this will help, but try playing wow in maximized windowed mode rather than full screen. It should look the same but let other programs run full screen.

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    Re: Dual Screen Display

    in wow video options set it to:

    windowed mode
    disable resize
    all 3 "on"

    then drag the video player window onto the TV, press play, and full screen, and go play wow. i've experienced a few players that wont do this properly. but VLC player will. also media player in win7 does.

    i have the same setup, although i use a 2nd monitor instead of a TV.
    movies / browser on this, and the game on the main.
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    Re: Dual Screen Display

    I found a link to a modified Flash file that fixed it. thanks for the replies but this can be closed now.

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