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    Computer Forum Guidelines - Updated August 22, 2018

    Below you will find a few rules specific to this section of the forums.

    1. Absolutely no Windows vs Mac vs Linux vs Chrome OS vs OS/2 vs any OS flamefests. Civil discussions regarding the differences between them are welcome, but there won't be much leeway given.
    2. Absolutely no Intel vs AMD, ATi vs nVidia, Browser vs Browser, or other Brand vs Brand flamefests. As above, civil discussions regarding the brands are welcome.
    3. Absolutely no flaming other people's computers or computer knowledge.
    4. Please try to keep all relevant information on a topic in a single thread. Multiple threads on the same topic will be merged, locked, or deleted. This does not include help requests. Individual help requests should be kept separate.
    5. LMGTFY links should be avoided. It's simple enough to provide a normal Google link or tell someone to search on Google for information. The extra slap in the face is not necessary.
    6. As stated in the general forum rules, advertisements are not permitted. Nobody wants the old crap you're selling on Ebay.
    7. Discussing or suggesting illegal downloading of software (aka pirating software) or how to circumvent software security (keygens, patches, hacks, etc) is not permitted.
    8. Posting referral links (links where you gain something for someone clicking them) are not permitted. I don't care if it's Dropbox and you both benefit. I don't care. No.
    9. No posting of images larger than 800px wide. 800px is generous for a large thumbnail. There's no reason to be posting images larger than this. Remember, we do still have users with small resolutions. Feel free to use imgur.com to create a smaller thumbnail.
    10. If you are posting large segments of text or code (e.g. dxdiag info) please use [CODE][/CODE]-tags.
    11. No "build logs" and/or threads after the computer/parts are already bought, as there's little room for discussion in such threads. Please use the Post your gaming setup! megathread instead.
    12. Do not post threads asking for tips on restricting Internet access to someone on your network (e.g. How do I limit the bandwidth my roommate uses?!). We're not here to help people chicane their roommates, friends, family, etc.
    13. No discussion of anything that is potentially illegal in any jurisdiction. This includes hacking, password cracking, keylogging, etc. This, like all rules, will be at the moderator's discretion.

    The above are in addition to the following:
    Forum Guidelines
    Posting and You, A Kind Reminder
    Points of Interest

    These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Please make sure you check them regularly.

    Last Updated: August 22, 2018
    - Added additional phrasing of "or how to circumvent software security" to #7
    - Removed rule #9, as the forum now auto-resizes images so they will not break the page layout
    Last edited by Cilraaz; 2018-08-22 at 01:38 PM. Reason: Added "or how to circumvent software security" to #7 and removed #9

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