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    Cinema / TV / Movies / Books Forum Guidelines

    In addition to the usual MMO-Champion forum guildelines, please note these additional rules:

    1. One thread per TV show / movie / book / band / etc. There's no need for twelve threads on Twilight.

    2. No flaming. Disagree with the material all you want; just don't insult the people who like it. It doesn't matter how terrible you consider their tastes to be -- if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. If you really just can't resist, be prepared to enjoy your ban.

    3. No X vs. Y flame wars. Keep the discussion civil, and it's fine. If it gets out of hand, it will be locked.

    4. Clearly label spoilers. Don't use a thread title that is a spoiler in itself (e.g., the Harry Potter meme from a few years ago).

    5. No illegal material. No porn, no torrents, no "Where can I download X for free?" Unless the answer is Hulu, or something of the sort, because that actually is legal.

    6. Provide Translations. Non-english works are fine but if something is not well known it really helps when introducing it to provide an english translation in addition to the original title.

    7. Don't Spam Titles. We all like to talk about our favorite and least favorite titles, but try to add to the discussion with explanations when possible rather than just posting the title.

    8. Be introspective. Nobody likes being infracted, and users who aren't actively trolling usually aren't trying to violate the rules. If you are infracted for a post, it was for a reason. Instead of getting angry at whoever warned you, we would greatly appreciate if you tried to consider what behaviour caused this reaction and whether it's a reaction you want to cause in the future.

    And a final note:

    Don't barge into a thread posting blatant insults toward a particular genre. If you don't have anything constructive to post, your post will be assumed as trolling. Infractions will happily be handed out to those who bash for the sake of bashing.
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    In an effort to organize the Cinema / TV Shows / Music / Books forums we will be trying out a tag system.

    We ask that posters please include a [Movies], [TV], [Music], [Books], [Anime] tag before the subject in their message title. If you forget to do this I'll go in and do it for you, but please make my job a little easier.

    Hopefully this system will help users find what they are looking for.

    Thank you.

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    With regards to spoilers:

    We've now added a neat function to vbulletin: spoiler tags.

    If you're spoiling something, use the [spoiler][/spoiler] tags.

    Looks like this spoiler, click it to see spoiler.

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