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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Hardstyle ;D
    old skool papa roach ;D

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Gotta be Rage against the machine. 8)
    also rhcp, muse, nine inch nails, and definitely nirvana.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Depends on what I'm in the mood for. I'm normally in the mood for something on the softer/progressive side of metal, so I'll go with Dream Theater, Symphony X, Liquid Tension Experiement, Within Temptation, Fates Warning, or anything like that. Anything by John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy or any combination of the three is always amazing too :P. Sometimes I get in the mood for something more along the heavy/power metal lines. All depends on how I'm feeling.

    To answer the question though: My overall favourite band would be Dream Theater.
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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    As I lay Dying - amazing band all around
    Slipknot - Need I say more?
    In Flames - Their Swedish!!
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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Dog Fashion Disco/Polkadot Cadaver

    The lyrics are sick and twisted, and I love the different types of music they mash together.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    I have several. I *love* Blackmore's Night (is a Renaissance-inspired folk rock band led by Ritchie Blackmore). Their music goes so well with WoW, it almost makes you feel like you are actually experiencing the game.

    Next is Loreena Mckennitt (her music has Celtic and Middle Eastern themes). Then Enya, Secret Garden and most Celtic music.

    Their music is romantic, sensual, relaxing and to wrap it up in one word, Fantasy. It takes my mind to wondrous places.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    I listen to the Prodigy on DPS races
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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    As of right now I would have to say that Immortal Technique (underground rapper although most people that know a little about rap have heard of him) is my favourite artist. I think it has a lot to do his intelligent lyrical compositions, good beats/rhythm, and political undertones. Also the lack of auto-tune is real nice. :P

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?


    Why? Because the research that Karl Sanders has done for that band with 6 records, he has put in some massive work into this band.

    And that Dallas Toler-Wade has the best vocals that any Death Metal group can bring forth.

    ALSO George Kollias is a very talented drummer.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    HIM, Dommin, The Rasmus, Placebo, MCR.

    Why? Because im an angsty emo teen.
    Also, because Brain Molko is hawt >_>
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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    pet shop boys, they're the best. noone can beat them. why ain't anybody like fans of nekromantix or something they're great too

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    top 3 bands of all time:
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    3. new order

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Metallica is my #1 band by far, mostly because of the harmony between the instruments, the god-like solo's, and James' unique voice. \m/

    tho I also listens to stuff like: Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, Disturbed, and Ozzy (when he had a "good" voice...)

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Green Day,within Temptation and the background songs of WoW.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Parkway Drive
    • Avenged Sevenfold
    • Funeral for a friend
    • All that Remains

    Thats the bands im listening all the time, aint gonna forget em

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Coldplay and Blink 182...

    Coldplay because it makes me cry and Blink because there isnt a song they have made that isnt over par.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    I dont really have a true favorite band, so ill just go by genre that I listen to:

    Punk - Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies or Social D
    Hardcore - Blood for Blood or Ligeia
    Metalcore - Killswitch Engage
    Metal - Iron Maiden

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    Coheed and cambria, simply because they are amazing live, and nobody else is like them. Muse is another favorite though.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    It's hard to pick a clear favourite, so I'll just say that I'm really digging The Dillinger Escape Plan at the moment. Definitely a ground-breaking band, and their new album is amazing.

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    Re: What's your favourite band/artist? Why?

    I know we aren't supposed to be taking swings at everybody's music choice. But, Lady Gaga? Come on. Musicians such as Grohl, Hetfield, Steve Harris and Jimmy Paige have more musical talent in their left hands than she does in her whole body. She rely's on modern catchy lyrics, a stupid wardrobe set up, a crazy personality and a lot of auto tuning to sell records. What happened to actualy having talent and making your own music?

    Now that's over. My top 3.

    Iron Maiden (For reasons already mentioned above)
    Army Of Freshmen (Self dependent Pop-Punk band)
    Trivium (Been at the top of my list for 5 years now)

    Okay so, as for Trivium, When I came across Trivium, I was 15, I was just starting to like the sound of heavy music. I couldn't believe how young they were at the time. Seen them 5 times now, once with Maiden actually. Such a good sound live. Even if their solos can get a bit.... off course? Love them.

    I'm willing to bet that not one of you, well, maybe one or two, have heard of Army Of Freshmen. They are a 6 piece pop-punk band. Found them while they were touring with Bowling For Soup, and instantly took a shine. Met them all, they are all really cool guys. If your a fan of BFS then I think you should give them a listen.

    There's nothing I can say about Maiden which hasn't already been said. Except that that they are one of the best live bands in the world. My favourite Maiden songs.... Powerslave, 22 Accacia avenue, Fear of the dark (live) and Iron Maiden of course. Wish I had seen them live more than twice.

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