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    [Music] Eminem - Revival

    Em's new album just dropped today, #1 in 56 countries

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    I'd suggest listening to the new Brockhampton or N.E.R.D over this trash tbh.

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    Its okay from what I heard so far
    What I expect from an older rapper
    Not bad, not amazing.

    edit: Got a chance to sit down listen to more of it, its good. It doesn't have bangers if you're looking for that. Its more Eminem, less Slim Shady.
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    Listens to a bit of it and it isn't bad.

    This is definitely more newer Eminem than old, River was really good IMO. Didn't care much for untouchable at first but I get the message of it.
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    As an Eminem fan this album was meh/okay. As a huge fan of his, he should hang it up already and just do collabs on other peoples songs with 1 good verse at a time. His album making should be done.
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    Too much Rick Rubin. Too many popstar features.

    Framed is the only track I enjoyed enough to add to my playlist.

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    It's pretty bad.

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