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    CPU help

    I was wondering if there is anyway to milk my single core CPU processor as much as I can in order to run wow more smoothly, Usually I get bad fps lag in 25s or while recording (usually like 5-10 fps)

    i know some people are gonna post, oh buy a new motherboard and processor. But ATM Im extremely broke and i cant right now

    Just trying to know what settings I can tweak that will help me even in the slightest way

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    Re: CPU help

    I think your only options would be to overclock, but with overclocking you get a potentially less stable environment, and since you probably don't know much about overclocking i wouldn't recommend it.

    Can you turn down your settings in game any more?

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    Re: CPU help

    well i have a Nvidia 9600 GSO graphics card and I play with everything maxed (besides shadow), and I've tried turning down my game settings but even with them almost fully off it only makes maybe a 2-4 fps difference

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    Re: CPU help

    If you have a single core no milking that thing
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