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Thread: Windows 7

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    Windows 7

    Bought Windows 7 Ultimate from the store, and innstalled it on my laptop, and i kinda wanna innstall it on my Main computer aswell so i wonder is it possible to have the same license on both the computer ?

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    Re: Windows 7

    It *may* let you authorize both, for a short time at least. I've been able to authorize Windows on 2 different computers before, but eventually the second one you activate it on will get a message saying that your verification is in use, and that you'll have to put in a new code.
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    Re: Windows 7

    Not going to work for long, see if you can get a cheap student copy

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    Re: Windows 7

    What version did you buy?

    by that I mean what license? If it's OEM then you can only install it on 1 computer.

    I think that the retail versions, you can install on upto 3computers.

    just go ahead an try, the worst thing that happens is that the activation doesn't go thrue and you just install your old OS.
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    Re: Windows 7

    If it doesn't work, just un-register your main computer about once a week and register the other, allowing it to get the security updates, the main difference is not getting updates, so if you do that you shouldn't have too much trouble.

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    Re: Windows 7

    The Windows 7 Upgrade package includes just one license which permits one (1) installation on just one (1) computer. For each additional computer you wish to upgrade to Windows 7, you'll have to purchase additional Windows 7 Upgrade packages.

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