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    The Witcher

    anyone like this game much ?

    i thought it was the best PC Fantasy RPG i'd played in a long while (tho Dandelion is annoying)

    really looking forward to the sequel. in fact its about the only game i'm waiting for with any form of anticipation.
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    Re: The Witcher

    Decent, minus the voice acting. Also looking forward to the sequel.

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    Re: The Witcher

    Didnt really like the controls and combat system, plus the story didnt quite grab me, so I most likely will not pick up the sequel unless they improve on those points.

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    Re: The Witcher

    I'm biased, since I'm from the country where the game was made :P
    I loved it, since I loved the books it's based on. And there are a LOT of references to the books in the game.

    The English voice acting isn't the best, and the dialogs seem to have been toned down when compared with the Polish version. They hardly swear at all, and an important part of The Witcher is frivolous and very creative swearing :P (not just inserting "fuck" before every other word)
    Oh, and the ending is just plain stupid, but I guess it's supposed to be like that, since the ending of the whole book saga is also stupid :P

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    Re: The Witcher

    Great to find a thread about this amazing game.

    I loved it. It forces you to take important decisions based on difficult situations, and not just about deciding between being good or evil.

    Looking forward to the sequel. Hopefully the combat system will be slightly improved.
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    Re: The Witcher

    Overall, one of the best RPGs of its time. The acting and the plot were pretty good and the fighting system was tolerable. I kinda liked this whole universe and ever since I have read the only book from the series that has been translated to English.

    I am looking forward to the sequel of sure!

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