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    Re: Metal

    Vehemence - Brutal melodic death metal with an incredible vocalist.
    Origin - Supermegatechnical death metal.
    Opeth - Win.
    Obscura - Kinda like Necrophagist with some progressive metal elements and a fretless bass.
    Cynic - Jazz metal?

    And I've been addicted to this video for the past week:

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    Re: Metal

    Opeth- Just too amazing
    The Black Dahlia Murder's- drummer is amazing

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    Re: Metal

    The Acacia Strain
    The Black Dahlia Murder
    Abigail Williams
    Remembering Never
    Despised Icon
    Every Time I Die
    Impending Doom
    The Red Chord
    Poison the Well
    Shai Hulud

    Just to name a few.

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by DesolatedMaggot
    I'll try to stick with 5 here...

    Saint Vitus
    Electric Wizard
    Reverend Bizarre

    Yes I have long hair. Honestly I wore my hair long before I even knew what metal was. :P
    I'm not really sure they're even metal at this point. Dance of December Souls and the like are awesome though.
    Quote Originally Posted by DesolatedMaggot
    I don't understand what you're gettin' at here... They're a dime a dozen band. :
    Winds of Plague a dime a dozen band, find me a band that sounds like them, that isnt a joke. I cant take your band seriously, a few of those songs arent even metal. I didnt mind Deathevokation though

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    Re: Metal

    Amon Amarth
    Arch Enemy
    Dimmu Borgir
    Children of Bodom
    Fear Factory
    Rob Zombie

    Listened to a lot more other bands as well, this is what I'm listening currently though.

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Fumpky
    Winds of Plague a dime a dozen band, find me a band that sounds like them, that isnt a joke. I cant take your band seriously, a few of those songs arent even metal. I didnt mind Deathevokation though
    Haha I'm not one to toss this out often but... Are you attempting to troll? Anyone with any real, working knowledge of metal knows of Dimmu Borgir and their endless spawn of carbon copies. I will grant you this though, they were among the first to do Symph. Death but really...

    Like I said earlier, if you like it by all means have at it. But don't rear your head in here with a "heavier than thou" attitude, especially while boasting a band like that.

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    Re: Metal

    The sound of metal I want to be you
    I could learn to be a man
    Like you...

    Plug me in, and turn me on
    Oh.. everything is moving!

    I need my treatment it's tomorrow
    they send me singing "I am an American"
    do you?

    Picture this if I can make the change
    I'd love to pull the wires from the wall...
    did you?

    And who are you and how can I...try
    Here inside I like metal,
    don't you?

    Well all I know is no one dies,
    I'm still confusing love with need...
    While you live, shine
    Have no grief at all
    Life exists only for a short while
    And time demands its toll.

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    Re: Metal

    Metallica!!!! \m/

    Harvester of Sorrow or Master of Puppets are my favourite

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    Re: Metal

    ahhh metal the best genre of music in the world. i've been into metal since i was 9 years old, got into it because of bands like Slipknot, some hard punk and rap metal stuff like limb bizcuit etc which i do not listen to anymore

    lets start it off:
    Rammstein: 1st band i was really, hugely into i still have a place in my heart for Power metal

    Artas: another german metal band, this time death metal, they only have one album out "The Healing" but it is possibly one of the best debut albums i have ever heard.

    Amon Amarth: Viking death metal, can you ask for more?

    Alestorm: Pirate metal FTW

    All That Remains: their drummer has some intense kicks

    Arch Enemy: Melo death with a Angela Gossow growling. Awesome

    Black Dahlia Murder : what a horrible night to have a curse

    Between the buried and me: Prog death. awesome stuff

    DevilDriver: i love melo death

    Dream Theater: i say this is the best band in the world. in both the songs and the skill of those who perform it is unmatched. and i love Progressive metal
    In Flames: Cloud Connected

    Kalmah: Best melo death band period.

    Kiuas: more Scandinavian metal

    Nightwish: i have a spot for symphonic power metal

    Protest the hero: The Fortress

    System of a down: random as hell Nu-metal

    Trivium: the way metallica should have sounded. shogun is awesome

    Testament: souls of black

    Turisas: Battle metal. and their remake of Rasputin

    Metallica: only made four (4) albums, and then broke up in my mind

    Opeth: heard lots of their stuff, its amazing

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    Re: Metal

    Protest the Hero live was awesome, seen Insomnium twice, Swallow the Sun too. New Moon <3.

    And how did you get on to Winds of Plague? It's not even mentioned yet, let alone in the posrs you quoted. And Tbh I don't know of s band that sounds alike.
    In the Groves of Death

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    Re: Metal

    Turmion Kätilöt - MINÄ MÄÄRÄÄN!
    (Some finnish group I recently discovered. They rule.)

    Trivium - Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
    (Shogun is awesome)

    Lamb Of God - Walk With Me In Hell
    (Feel like I don't have to say anything here.)

    Sonic Syndicate - Damage Control
    (In melodeath we trust.)

    Devil Driver - Clouds Over California
    (Just pure ass kicking right in the face.)

    55 Escape - Forever
    55 Escape - Angels & Demons
    (They're a group from Norway that I like and feel like they should get some more attention. They're working with the same guy that produced Metallica's 3 best albums; And Justice For All, Master of Puppets and Ride The Lightning)

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    Re: Metal

    Aborym - industrial black metal, a genious mix imo.

    Alcest - shoegaze/black metal, they're awesome!

    Amesoeurs - Shoegaze/black metal band, too bad they split up after just one full-length!

    Arcturus - norwegian avant-garde metal, one of my favorite metal bands!

    Agalloch - post folk/doom/black metal, also one of my absolute favorite band.

    Aura Noir - crazy black metal with thrash riffing, a wicked awesome band!

    Burzum - Of course!

    Chaos Moon - another black metal band, but they know how to write metal!!

    Coldworld - athmospheric/depressing black metal, awesome stuff!!

    Darkthrone - raw black metal, I love most of the stuff they have put out to this date.


    Fear Factory - industrial/death metal/hardcore, I'm really fond of some of their stuff, while a few of it isn't so good.

    Finntroll - folk/black metal from Finland, how can you not love them? :P

    Gorguts - avant-garde death metal.

    High on Fire - stoner/sludge band, awesome music!

    Insect Warfare - Grindcore from texas, those guys are friggin aggressive!!

    Isis - post metal, and not just any, they really know how to write spectacular music.

    Lunar Aurora - athmospheric black metal, this band is sick!

    Mastodon - progressive sludge metal band from the states, really original band, and quite well known!

    Melechesh - oriental/middle east black metal, oriental melodies with BM - genious!!!

    Mirrorthrone - avant-garde metal.

    Nachtmystium - progressive black metal, also an awesome band.

    Nadja - experimental/drone/metal/psychedelic something, check them out if u like drone.

    Nasum - swedish deathgrind, awesome!!!!

    Neurosis - another post-metal band, check them out if you're into sludge and/or hardcore and post rock.

    Opeth - progressive death metal, well, most of you know about them so no need to explain further :P

    Panopticon - black metal band with awesome music.

    Rammstein - awesome industrial metal. Also well known.

    Summoning - epic black metal, often uses very special almost tribal drum beats, sounds very special!!

    Ulver - black/folk metal (old), trip-hip, electronica, ambient, experimental (new) I like both "eras" of Ulver.

    Tool - very well known band, with, imo good music.

    Warning - epic doom metal, their album "Watching From a Distance" is awesome

    Wedard - depressing black metal band!

    Wolves in the Throne Room - another awesome black metal band that knows how to write music!

    Woods of Ypres - melodic black/doom/dark metal.

    I left out some bands that I listen to because of either I didn't think that they wasn't good enough for this list, or for their political incorrectness, or I just simply forgot about them... :P

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    Re: Metal

    Just got done listening to the couple of My Dying Bride albums I have and Dance of December Souls by Katatonia. Then I went and looked up the latest Katatonia album, pretty different to their first few albums.

    Did they get a new singer or something? I know Mikael Akerfeldt did the vocals on their second album, but I'm not too sure I like what happened to them.
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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Gloves
    Just got done listening to the couple of My Dying Bride albums I have and Dance of December Souls by Katatonia. Then I went and looked up the latest Katatonia album, pretty different to their first few albums.

    Did they get a new singer or something? I know Mikael Akerfeldt did the vocals on their second album, but I'm not too sure I like what happened to them.
    They certainly have taken a step away from the death metal in their earlier albums.

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    Re: Metal

    All of you people should try out some doujin metal/rock bands (mostly Japanese, produce home-made remixes, sometimes using parts of famous metal songs but always having a reference in that case (I heard Black Star, Viking Kong, Kill the King and others while I listened to some of them). I bet you'll like them. They're mostly instrumental compositions (great for raiding by the way).

    few examples:
    <Реморн> Лямбдадельта, Свежеватель Душ EU

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    Re: Metal


    Been into my rock music from the early 90's, started with Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura etc.

    I listen to all sorts of music, from dance to indie etc, but still love the metal.

    For the last few years I have really been digging anything Devin Townsend.

    Try some Strapping Young Lad for your head-banging needs or Ocean Machine/his 'solo' album 'Terria' for a more high-brow/chilled out fix.

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    Re: Metal - Beneath the Sky, 7861 - Carnifex, Lie to my face - Chimaira, Destroy and Dominate - Forever in Terror, Leviathan - God forbid, Cruficy your beliefs - Heaven shall burn, The weapon they fear (was surprised noone else mentioned this band yet) - Mushroomhead, 12 hundred - Nodes of Ranvier, the dawning age

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    Re: Metal

    Currently heavily devoted to <a href="">Dream Theater</a> (Not James best performance but that song is just epic) and <a href="">Toe</a>, Toe is however not a metal band, but a great math-rock band I recommend to anyone who's really into music. I also enjoy listening to Rhapsody from time to time (great fantasy-power-metal band).
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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Narridar
    I Killed the Prom Queen - The sound that they emit is godly.
    Job for a Cowboy - They are nucking futs.
    The Black Dahlia Murder - I mean have you ever listened to their lyrics?
    And this, I don't know about you but, maybe expand your views beyond Hot Topic. It'll blow your mind, if you're impressed by this.

    Fact: The majority of WoW players have horrible taste in music.


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    Re: Metal

    • Lamb of God - They just blow my mind. Metal geniouses, imo. Been listening to them for ages.
    • Necrophagist - Insane Technical Death Metal. Very impressive and unlike alot of Technical Death Metal bands, these are also awesome to listen to
    • DÅÅTH - They just.. sound good. Listen to them!
    • Job For A Cowboy - Awesome Death Metal. My favorite song by them is 'Constitutional Masturbation'. Just wild.

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