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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Positif
    indeed My buddy James has been trying to shift these over to me, going to give them a chance soon.
    Nice, while you're at it, listen to this
    It's a friend of mine's "cybergrind" project.

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    Re: Metal

    Don't get me wrong here, I love AB. But they're more hard rock than metal.

    Sure, you mentioned that you listen to rock as well but this is a metal-thread after all :P
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    Re: Metal

    Well, I would call myelf a huge metal fan (though I decided to cut my hair short ~2 years ago.. but I've been wearing my hair long for almost 6 years, until then. Miss those headbangin' times a bit ).

    -- I tried to pick great songs by the following artist/bands. So even if you've never heard of them you can still check them out and listen to some great badass songs! --

    It all started many years ago, when I first listened to some CDs of my dad. I discovered: Black Sabbath and Saxon. Loved this bands back then and still now I listen to them alot.

    Starting with the bands mentioned above, it was only a matter of time til' I got to other big names like Iron Maiden (probably my most favorite band of all times), Judas Priest, Girlschool and of course Motörhead.

    At this point I knew I would never feel such a passion for music like I did back then. I had become a metalhead.

    After this NWOBHM start I discovered Power- & Speedmetal, mostly bands like: Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Running Wild and Halloween!

    After some time I decided that's not hard enough, so I started to listen to some thrash & (melodic) death stuff like: Early Metallica (to be honest; first 3 albums are kickass), SLAYER!, Kreator, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Wintersun.. and so many more.

    To add a few bands I HAVE to mention:

    - Equilibrium

    - Holy Moses

    - Doro & Warlock

    I know I forgot a lot of amazing bands... but hell yeah, who gives a fuck.

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnium
    And how did you get on to Winds of Plague? It's not even mentioned yet, let alone in the posrs you quoted. And Tbh I don't know of s band that sounds alike.
    They were linked via Youtube.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gloves
    Just got done listening to the couple of My Dying Bride albums I have and Dance of December Souls by Katatonia. Then I went and looked up the latest Katatonia album, pretty different to their first few albums.

    Did they get a new singer or something? I know Mikael Akerfeldt did the vocals on their second album, but I'm not too sure I like what happened to them.
    As far as I know they've had the same vocalists the entire time. They just took a change in direction. As I recall, they're 'ashamed' of their early days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction3402
    They certainly have taken a step away from the death metal in their earlier albums.
    Doom/Death Metal, actually. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Positif
    Sexy, I got the cover of We Live tattooed on my right upper arm, working on connecting it with a big nasty tattoo of Cthulu forming a rather twisted looking full sleeve.
    That sounds awesome.

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    Re: Metal

    i wrestled a bear once
    Sikth (not around anymore they have tow albums and are very good)
    August burns red

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    Re: Metal

    Blind Guardian's speed metal era is pretty awesome I'd go so far to say it's better than their power metal era, though the speed metal already shows signs of power metal with the memorable choruses, fantasy tinged lyrics and epic atmospheres, though I don't really get how everyone gets wet over Valhalla, it's a good song, but I personally prefer Banish From Sanctuary. I think it's easily their best speed metal song. But then again, I've always loved songs that follow up perfectly after the album intro, but can do without the intro. But the best parts of the song are probably the chorus and solo, as it should be.

    Follow The Blind Intro: "Inquisition" + "Banish From Sanctuary".

    While I'm at it, I'm going to add this too.. Most people on my metal forum hate them because apparently they sound too "j-poppy" and Syu is just a "generic yngwie clone".. I personally think he has more to offer than just Yngwie wankery.
    His style is amazing, and I'd say he's just as much influenced by Paul Gilbert as he is influenced by Yngwie.
    This instrumental ballad is amazing.
    Galneryus - Requiem(live)
    And no power metal discography is complete without at least one song that includes so much wankery your head might explode.
    Galneryus - Technical Stress

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    Re: Metal

    Funeral Doom reply!

    How could I forget about Ahab, the mighty funeral doom metal band!
    Youtube link:

    And when at it, here's a cold, extremely slow funeral doom band named Torture Wheel.
    Youtube link:

    The BPM in that song is insane, it's so painfully slow!
    But I love it, especially those awesome double bass fills; mechanical, cold and empty...
    It's all about the atmosphere really!

    Edit: Maybe I should say something about a funeral doom band called Pantheist too, awesome band really!! <--- Part 1<--- Part 2

    They focus more on a beautiful, sad and lone atmosphere.

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Coronius
    Any fans of Soilwork here? One of my favorite songs made by them.
    Yes, and that's also one of my favorite songs

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    Re: Metal

    Favorite band of all time is Trivium, I don't care what anyone says; Shogun is epic.

    As for others: Black Dahlia Murder, Winds of Plague, At The Gates, In Flames, August Burns Red, Protest the Hero, Bring Me the Horizon, Between the Buried and Me, Shattersphere, Sonic Syndicate, Chimaira, Lamb of God, Revoker, Unearth, Godforbid.

    I could go on.. but yeah. :D

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    Re: Metal

    Most of the times you'll find me listening to:

    Eluveitie, kickass folk metal band. -

    Children of Bodom -

    Korpiklaani -

    Finntroll -

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    Re: Metal

    Iron Maiden is my tops and allways will be =D 80s metal ftw
    Then Machine Head, Lamb of God, Metallica, Offspring, Slipknot, Children of Bodom, Guns n Roses... depends on the mood =D

    Quote Originally Posted by rad586

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    Re: Metal

    hmmmm yeah

    I started out listening to music when I was about 9, mtv had just arrived in Brazil, so I was listening to that shit untill I got a cd player for b-day when I turned 10, then my mom gave me a fuckin ABBA cd, and I went to trade it for annother one, and I found this blue cd cover, with an ass and a horn -kind of like a unicron horn-coming out of the asshole, and PanterA written on it, and I thought, shit, this cover is cool! the nI bought that cd, Far beyond driven, and it rocked the shit out of me, since then, I listened only to metal, now a days I listen to blues too.

    but my favorite bands are: Opeth, Pantera, Lamb of God, Brujeria, Amon Amarth, Vital Remains, Cannibal Corpse, Nasum, Subtera and a few other.

    Used to have long hair once, and bold on the sides, kind of like how Phil Anselmo once was, but now cause of my job, I need a tidy hair, so I have army style hair....

    and tattoos, I got a sweet ass Mjollnir (hammer of Thor) on my right arm.

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    Re: Metal

    Trying to keep my musical taste as far away from tardgenres within metal, and god does metal has lots of tardy subgenres. But yeh:
    Nile, egyptic death metal.
    Bloodbath, standard death pretty much.
    Defleshed and The Crown, two of very few good thrash death metal bands.
    Symphony X, epic metal.
    Lamb of God, the only core band I enjoy, and I feel that I can keep enjoying it since they kinda made the genre and therefore they're not newfags to a very big extent.
    Slayer, ofc, gotta like Slayer amirite?
    Torture Divison, small but very good death metal band.
    Nasum and Rotten Sound are two very good grindcore bands aswell.

    This is a few, cba make list of doom, y'know. - Best paladin blog EU no jk.

    Quote Originally Posted by myrkyr
    Nerd rage moar!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Raiss
    He probably tried to kill a resto druid at WSG, got cycloned and started a new thread complaning how ret paladins are bad for pvp.

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by DesolatedMaggot
    As far as I know they've had the same vocalists the entire time. They just took a change in direction. As I recall, they're 'ashamed' of their early days.
    They are not ashamed of their early days - the lead singer developed some bad throat problems from doing the growling, so after he recovered, they continued in a different direction. It wasn't that long ago, that they did a few songs from "Brave Murder Day" live, with Mikael Akerfeldt on growls.
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    Re: Metal

    I've noticed no one has mentioned Scale The Summit, an AMAZING instrumental band from Texas.

    Also Animals As Leaders

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Kataxu

    I love you man! ;D I though no one except me here listening to Katatonia <3

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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Xheoul
    I've noticed no one has mentioned Scale The Summit, an AMAZING instrumental band from Texas.

    Also Animals As Leaders
    I love you.

    Was about to post a link to Animals As Leaders but didn't for some reason. Tosin Abasi for the win!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rugz
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    Re: Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by Krowz
    Im not a huge fan of calling certain bands metalcore, and hardcore, or death metal. Its all music to me.

    August Burns Red
    Parkway Drive
    Asking Alexandria (band from England, Highly Highly Highly recommend)
    A Day To Remember
    Attack Attack!
    Enter Shikari
    The Devil Wears Prada
    Bring Me The Horizon
    Protest The Hero
    Every Time I Die
    Sea of Treachery

    Its all good stuff

    I approve of everything except every time i die and underoath. both are pretty bad imo

    The Black Dahlia Murder = Best Melo-Death Metal Band

    Also best band of the decade.

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    Re: Metal

    Devin Townsend

    Got a bit bored of metal really.

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    Re: Metal

    Wow...where to start? o.O

    Firewind (Every singer and I still love 'em)
    Blind Guardian
    Last Tribe
    Freedom Call
    Gamma Ray
    Pain of Salvation
    Megadeth (oh yes)
    Iron Maiden
    Tarot (Marco \m/)
    Tad Morose
    Devin Townsend
    Anathema (mm Doom Metal)
    Within Temptation

    All I can think of at the moment, makes me sad

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