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    Need help (cat druid)


    I took a break for a coupple of months, even though i raided now and then I havent been raiding as I used to before, so my gear is subpar.

    My objective is to have the soft cap of ArP with the Grim troll. So I am missing some ArP gear.
    On the other hand I don't know if the 2T8 is worth keeping until 4t10 or, should i get the T9 (232 and try to get Trophies. Some of the gear that has agility gems is because I use those pieces for tanking also.

    I know that haste will become very powerful at high end gear but atm the two things im looking for in gear is Crit and ArP.

    I also consider the hit and expertise, even tho I am not aiming to be hit capped and expertise capped I always try to have it around those numbers. I will be capped on both once i get better gear.

    DPS gear but tanking spec atm.
    Ive had terrible luck with the weapons that I want

    EDIT: I am in a 10 man radiing guild, and i get to raid in 25s now and then. (Do not consider HM gear)

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    Re: Need help (cat druid)

    I believe the current school of thought is to hard cap ArP or approach it via gear. Because at the item levels present in ICC it is possible to come close enough to the ArP cap without an ArP trinket that it is better to gear ArP past the soft cap and run an ordinary trinket, than to limit yourself to soft capped with an ArP trink.

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