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    Star Trek (2009)

    As the topic says, this is about the latest Star Trek movie which was released in May of 2009.

    I'm curious what people thought about the movie, both Star Trek fans and non-fans alike.
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    Re: Star Trek (2009)

    I am not in the generation that actully got to see star trek
    I saw the wrath of Krahn(?) when i was very little as it was one of my fathers favorite movies and also becouse it was the first VHS we had ^^

    But i must say, this movie blew me away - the scenes and the actors where supreme and even tho i never saw the old just the first glimpse of "old" spock gave me goosebumps xD

    Best scene tho, when they lay eyes on enterprise for the first time - music and the scene is epic

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    Re: Star Trek (2009)

    I'd like to consider myself as a "modest" ST fan, not a Trekkie or anything. I also was a late fan, more into TNG than Kirkyboy - though I've seen 'em all.

    I generally need to say: WAY better than I ever expected. The new Kirk got a fitting actor, and even more difficult: I actually liked Spock's new "host", where I never could imagine anyone fitting into Mr. Nimoy's shoes. They really did a great job here.

    Bones was a tough one, too. The first time I saw him in the movie, I though: "Ew. THAT should be Bones!? No way, they blew that one." Well, I was wrong. While the looks are quite different, the acting was really well done. I can accept him well as Bones. That however, sadly, isn't true for Scotty. I think that simply the actor didn't fit the role well. Even though I am german, I had the feeling that his scottish accent was acted, and the actor really had trained it just for the movie. That kills authenticity. Though, I don't neccessarly despise the actor, he just isn't a sound Scotty.

    Chekov and Sulu are hard to rate, since we didn't see that much of them. So far, I think they're quite okay, although I am going to miss that deep vibrating full and rich voice of George Takei.

    One secondary character I liked much was Sarek. Vulcans, especially elderly ones, need this certain amount of dignity, the wrinkles and stuff, and a particular tone in the voice. Not everyone could impersonate one well, and the choice for him was great I think.

    Downsides: Uhura. While all world thinks that Mrs. Saldana was great, I couldn't differ more. She isn't even that sexy, just your everyday's bones tightly covered in skin with less female attributes than your shovel in the garage (or den, wherever you keep your shovels =)). She was "okayish" in the role, but it's been hyped way too much.

    So much for the characters. As for the plot, I simply liked it - with two exceptions:
    1) Eric Bana wasn't really much of an antagonist, was he? His uppish relaxed behaviour wasn't threatening, but flat out boring. This goes along with the new romulan style - geez, the haircut was THE trademark! You cannot just simply shave their heads and get away with it! This, sadly, continues a bad tradition of weak antagonists in Star Trek movies for quite some time now.
    2) Spock and Uhura... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU NOT MATE SPOCK! That poor half-vulcan struggled for years and years in the original, aiming at being as logical as he is able to pull off. He just won't give in THAT easily, and certainly NOT in the very first installment of the crew. If this is continued any bit more than it has been, it really could kill the whole reimagination for me. Simply because the actual main character (Kirk never was) lost his entire credibility.
    Wiping Vulcan certainly has him struggeling a bit more with his entire self-identification issue, but that really should lead to an even MORE leaned towards vulcan traditions Spock - if anything.

    Other than that, it's an enjoyable movie, that has superseeded my expectations considerably, so it was a pleasant surprise despite the "bumps" I mentioned. I'd absolutely like to see more.

    Just as a gedankenspiel: Although I couldn't imagine other actors doing well in TOS roles and got proven wrong: Could anyone EVER imagine a renewed TNG? I mean... Patrick Steward has brought sooo much of his personality into Picard, he really IS the captain to some degree. And a just stunningly great actor in general as well - he convinced me in X-Men despite having been pretty much typecast for me as Picard. In my eyes, that is a role that would be VERY hard to cast - but hey, so I thought about Spock as well!

    Wow, now that got a bit longish...

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