Stereo Tool 4.2.2

Professional quality audio processing. Includes volume leveling, stereo widening, phase shift (AZIMUTH) correction and much more.Stereo Tool 4.22 can make recordings sound equal and consistent in volume and sound color, bring out the details, and increase existing stereo effects.Special support is provided for (FM) radio stations: Extra loudness (+12 dB!), FM pre-emphasis, software stereo and RDS encoding.Stereo Tool contains a noise filter, dualband pre-limiter, 10-band multiband compressor/limiter/clipper, 10-band equalizer, overshoot protection and extra loudness filter, AZIMUTH corrector, stereo enhancer, bass booster, lowpass filter, FM pre-emphasis, stereo and RDS encoder.

Have you ever wondered why on the radio, all songs have the same volume while if you play CDs or MP3s, the volume and the type of sound changes all the time? That's because the big commercial radio stations use expensive equipment that ensures that all songs sound the same, and that they sound good on a wide range of cheap up to expensive audio systems. Stereo Tool offers you similar processing, which you can use while listening to your own music.

If you don't have any knowledge in audio & hi-fi stuff, don't worry, just select a preset. (

For Europe:

FM Transmitter Soft (Europe, Stereo)
Good sound quality (little compression) FM transmitter preset. AZIMUTH problems in the recordings are repaired, and some stereo widening is performed. The sound is not very loud.
Frequencies that interfere with the FM pilot tone are filtered out, and the maximum volume level is limited such that it will peak at a constant level after feeding it through a European 50 μs pre-emphasis filter (inside the FM transmitter)

For US:

FM Transmitter Soft (US, Stereo)

Similar to FM Transmitter Soft (Europe, Stereo), but the sound is prepared for a US (75 μs) pre-emphasis filter.

I tried it on my audio chipset Realtek ALC888 HD Audio with 2.1 Logitech X-230 and it sounds great. Sure, there's not a BIG difference, but your music sounds, louder, deeper, just better than normal.

Maybe you won't hear a difference if you have Pro/expensive equipment. (hi-fi platine, pro sound card etc)

PS: No need to register, it's free and fully fonctionnal.