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  • Mario RPG

    17 17.53%
  • Chrono Trigger

    14 14.43%
  • Breath of fire ( 1 or 2 )

    0 0%
  • Final Fantasy (list which one you like )

    32 32.99%
  • Other (which one?)

    34 35.05%
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    Re: What RPG is best?

    Quote Originally Posted by Inarus
    ZOMG other Goldensun fans!

    The games are amazing. Can't wait for Goldensun 3 this year hopefully. There kinda slow on there updates.

    I didn't know ppl here played Golden Sun! They should also show more trailers of Golden Sun DS
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    Since this was early in the patch, we decided to go with the 4 tank strat. We ask him to go tank Lord Mograine. He then instantly tells us that "he cannot tank the godfather of DK's, it wouldnt be right to raise my axe against him". He instantly gquits and hearths out.

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    Re: What RPG is best?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    Persona, but there are so many gems in the genre.
    I love both 3 and 4, Persona 3 wins out on storyline and characters, but Persona 4 had essential gameplay improvements and better music.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark
    I would kill a old god.

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    Re: What RPG is best?

    zelda 1 and 2

    breath of fire 1 and 2
    chrono trigger
    secret of mana
    final fantasy 1 till 6

    final fantasy 7 and 8
    final fantasy tactics
    breath of fire 3 and 4
    star ocean 2
    valkyrie profile
    chrono cross
    suikoden, all series
    tales of destiny and phantasia

    probably forgot alot of others, but these are the ones i played alot back in the good old days.
    also the best times were on snes, where u were stuck alot and did alot of searching and talking to everyone to advance in the game, and when the internet slowly came it fucked up most rpg's.

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    Re: What RPG is best?


    Breath of fire 1 and 2 remake for gba were amazing. Same with tales of phantasia, i loved the gameplay in that game.

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