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    High Overlord imagine's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Bum town
    Mèl of draenor EU.

    And Meleniumz of xbox live.

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    Immortal Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Ft. Worth, Texas
    Steam: WartyHogger
    Naitia of Shadowmoon US.

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    XBLive: UK x Chronic

    Mainly playing CoD: Black Ops, SSF4 AE, MK9

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    SteamID: MyLifeIsRandom

    I don't play enough over PSN to warrant listing it, honestly...

    I'd be very appreciative of some friendship.
    If only I could be so grossly incandescent.

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    Xbox live : Undertaker1789
    I play lots of fighting games, SF AE, MK, MvC3...I play Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach...and other random games like MUA 1 & 2 : )
    World of Warcraft: <Sargent Major> Entzo - Terenas

    Always open to meeting new people!

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    Steam: micwie1
    PSN: Diablogamer01
    W live: MicWie (had to make one for age of empires online)
    xfire: micwie

    WoW : micwie <No Win Scenario> ragnaros-eu
    It's nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice
    PM me to be added to whitelist

    MLP Fan Fics with my OC as main character: Re-earning Your Cutie Mark

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    May 2011
    By the Ivory Tower.
    League of Legends

    EU WEST ID: VixenNymph

    ~ Boy meets girl, girl beats boy. ~
    [email protected] West

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    Ares of gods


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    Just started using xfire again recently so

    Xfire: Utsukushii (search it)

    LoL EU WEST Smurf which anyone can freely add: iHorror

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    Mine is Gdlion for Xbox live and grees06 for steam

    I mostly play Xbox: MW2 MW3 and BF3 looking for a few teammates for both.

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    XBOX Live: Soonersown
    PSN: DABEST247
    Xfire: dabest417
    Steam: DABEST417

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    Brewmaster insmek's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Florida, USA
    I'm trying to bolster my Steam friends list, so if everyone would kindly add me I would love you forever. (✿◠‿◠)

    Steam: lazymangaka
    ASUS GTX 1060 | Intel i7-4790K | MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard
    I do Monk things.

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    Looking for friends on battlefield 3 (PC)

    Origins - Murph1987

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    Stood in the Fire Stealthedbear's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Anyone up for Nuclear Dawn (Steam)

    steamid: johanliebert

    I have an extra copy of it as well

    Also new to BF3: Origins- lastemphasis
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    Yesterday i was thinking about perhaps buying Left for Dead 2, However none of my friends has it, yet i think the best part of the game is the Online Versus/Campaign mode. Therefore i have a question, Are there any people out there who still regulary play the game? and perhaps play with 3 friends that i can join up? when i say regular play i mean ATLEAST 3 times a week or so. If needed i have the use of a Teamspeak server that is up 24/7 and my english is near fluent but my mothertongue is Dutch.

    Age doesnt really matter aslong as you're not an immature bastard, ( im 20 myself but i still have my silly moments, )

    If you want to talk about it you can give me a PM through these forums so i can give skype/steamid so we can have a talk!

    (if posting a thread like this is "Illigal" By no means instant delete it.)

    - edit -

    Some information:

    - I've played Regular shooters during my gaming years
    - I have " Illigaly " Played L4D2 and 1 so i know how the game works.
    - A microphone is a bigg plus.
    - If we have 4 people we will play regular matches .
    - Maybe later on we can extend to other games like BF3 etc etc. However im starting with L4D2 since i still raid next to it.

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    Just putting this one out

    I'm looking to see if anyone know/remembers the following names from various mmos: Megawaki, Mililani, Skarmorie, Slashwrist, Yourexwife, Tyvigosa, Scanty, Quain'tana, Masane, Snadhya'rune

    my steam ID is SparrowSpear if you recognize any of these names, and want to hit me up
    Zhenji 90 Mistweaver
    Eonar US

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    My name is Sam im 17 years old im looking for friends on Steam( Steam ID: Volcoff)+Starcraft 2(US)(Shuffle)+(WoW.Outland.EU: Ishuffle)
    Games that i am currently playing on Steam:
    -CoD MW3
    im new to steam so i might be buying alot more games very soon

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    If anyone wants to add me on Steam my SteamID is Tundra21.

    I have been playing a lot of TF2 lately, but have a decent list of other games to play as well.

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    Steam ID: Syco09
    I play diffrent stuff, lately Super Monday night Combat

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    Pandaren Monk Spacebubble's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Sylvanas EU - Denmark
    My steam is in the signature, would love to play some MW3 with others as playing alone can be quite frustrating / boring after a while.

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