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    Steam: Hm never use it
    Obox: Dont have a xbox anymore
    WoW: Jillona ravencrest EU (im more on my alts than main nowdays)
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    Steam: COD BO2
    Looking for good players to play hc team dm with.

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    Diablo 2 tcp/ip games

    Does anyone do them! atm i cannot be bothered to play on bnet again and then not play for a while and lose my chars so i want to try this.
    i am willing to join anyones games if you like or we can get a game up and running.

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    Steam : Metalsteve

    Feel free to add me.

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    SteamMachine Beta - Need more friends?

    EDIT: Entire Entrypost was moved to this thread.

    Hey people!

    First of all: I hope this is the right subforum to post into. If not: I'm sorry, please move the thread wherever it belongs!
    I also took a quick look at the Forum guidelines. As far as I can tell this kind of topic is allowed. If I'm wrong I must have misread something or missed certain parts of the guidelines. Also if there is already such a post, feel free to delete this one.

    Yesterday Valve announced the SteamMachine (or often refered to as SteamBox). There will be a beta! Beta participants will receive a SteamMachine Prototype to do their testing with. Sadly only 300 people will be chosen to partake in that beta. Also: If you want to enlist yourself to the beta you need to do couple of tasks, one of them is to have 10 friends on Steam! I'm one of those guys that can fulfil every single item of the requirement list but this one. I have 9 friends ...

    With this post I want to provide everyone with a little platform to share SteamIDs and add friends from all over the world so that all of us are able to enlist for the SteamMachine beta!

    Well then, I'll be the one to begin with. Here's my SteamID:
    Search for "TheCrusader" - I'm the one with the exact same symbol as here on the borad.

    Also: Feel free to delete your SteamID from this thread once you have enough friends.

    Best wishes,

    EDIT: Forgot to provide sources!

    Steam Announcement Page:
    Announcement #1 - SteamOS:
    Announcement #2 - SteamMachine:
    Beta Requirement Page (requires login to Steam):
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    LF friends for Avenger's alliance

    Just add me Erik Cdiddy Crawford

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    Hiya all! I am looking for people to explore and enjoy MMOs with. I would consider myself friendly and don't mind any type of peoples as long as they can take and use sarcasm,( :P ) and know the basics of an MMO. I have played many games before like Global Agenda, Rift, Wow, Eden eternal, Guild wars 2, Raiderz, Vindictus, Elsword, Grandchase, Neosteam, Seven souls (now shut down), Warframe, Fire fall, Neverwinter, Tera, War Thunder, Dragon's Nest, and many more which names i have forgotten over time. After all my time in MMOs I have realized that no matter what type of game you play it can get boring if you don't have people to play it with. For me I find it difficult to stick to one game for a long amount of time before getting bored. I have come here to try to create a sort of guild for people who want to try to experience and enjoy many types of games with many people because sometimes it can get lonely. I will post this among many gaming sites to get as many people interested as possible. If you are interest in this proposition then respond on this forum or email me at Feremist at gmail-com . If you insist on Steam then my username is Feremist on it. Thanks for reading and I hope you join .
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    Civ 5 - Steam

    Anyone here who plays Civ5 through Steam?
    I am looking for other people to play with from time to time.
    PM me your steam and I'll add you and maybe we can get an AllVAll 8 man multiplayer going sometime.

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    Cool Looking for fluent English talking dota 2 players i am level 50+ must have mic :D

    Looking for fluent English talking dota 2 players

    i am level 50+

    must have mic

    pm me steam username

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