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    Steam: demonic_jaeger
    Skype: dark_vampyrr
    Xfire: demonicjaeger

    (you might notice a trend)
    WoW: Vampyrr1919 - US Skywall Alliance
    Swtor: Vampyrr - The Bastion
    League of Legends: Vampyrr - US
    AirMech: Vampyrr
    Planetside 2: Vampyrr
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    Mar 2010
    Steam: CroatoanX
    Skype: CroatoanX
    PS3: CroatoanX

    Will be playing Planetside 2 and Firefall mostly for the next while.

    Maybe some Black ops 2 on PS3

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    Any Ragnarok Players on this Forums?

    I was just wondering if there are RO players on this forum. im looking for possible in-game buddies that is around (preferably) during my timezone (+8GMT).

    well, i am usually online with my ranger after work around (8pm-1am). i am looking for a guild to join with as well as TI party if you're interested. post here or PM me in-game 2quick4u. im playing at Chaos Renewal at iRO.


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    The Patient
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    Feb 2011

    Dota 2 LF AU players

    Looking for other AU players, to play Dota 2 with, not to serious, not to silly, just want to chill out have some fun and try and avoid as many 0-12 trolling idiots as possible, by creating parties. Not the best player, not the worst, i have 250 wins, i'm looking for people with roughly the same amount of experience as i am, don't want people who've just played 2 games, not really looking for elitist people with 1k wins and think they're king sh*t reply to thread if you're interested, playing times is just whenever, but mainly night times.

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    Anyone play Day Z...

    I just started a new private hive and was wondering if anyone played that would be interested in giving me some feedback on my new server. I would appreciate any advice on starting gear, vehicles, ect.

    Server Name: DayZChernarus( [Regular]
    Loc: US San Jose, Diff=Reg, Map=Chernarus, Slots=50, TZ=GMT +11, 3DP=On, CH=On, NP=On, DM=On, PW=No WL=No
    Quote Originally Posted by TotalBiscuit View Post
    And here we come to the entire crux of the matter. Millions of people also listen to Justin Bieber, doesn't mean it's good music.

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    ON, CA
    Quote Originally Posted by Visharan View Post
    I just started a new private hive and was wondering if anyone played that would be interested in giving me some feedback on my new server. I would appreciate any advice on starting gear, vehicles, ect.

    Server Name: DayZChernarus( [Regular]
    Loc: US San Jose, Diff=Reg, Map=Chernarus, Slots=50, TZ=GMT +11, 3DP=On, CH=On, NP=On, DM=On, PW=No WL=No
    I miss day Z... I should really dig up the patching site and stuff

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    BO2 Xbox 360 LFM

    Any players interested in setting up some grps to play Dom/KC/TDM in a game oriented way please hit me up. Only thing im seeking is people who are tired of pugging and want to actually play these the way they are supposed to be played. Im not trying to form a clan or anything just seeking active players looking for a good time. All i do ask is that your an adult with a head set on eastern time zone. I could careless about your KD ratio as im a rusher my self lol.
    If interested contact me through here and lets set something up!

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    I want some PSN friends like how they said in that PS4 announcement video mo' PSN friends mo' betta.

    But I want to be actual friends, not just two people who play together from time to time. Please post here or PM me so we can chat a little.

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    Just about anything will have my typical username of oreofox. Why I didn't choose that for this site, I don't know. But yeah, typically I go by that name and it will more than likely be me. Don't know of anyone else that uses my name (been using it since 2003). But, I am not really playing any online game (mostly because my computer is crap), and am mostly spending my time on D&D/Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying (over the internet).

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    Still looking for PSN [email protected]@@@@ Post here or PM me and we can have a chat.

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    Tired of gaming alone? Join us!

    Hello all!

    I am zerathras, your friendly neighborhood forum lurker. I'm wondering if any of you would be willing to join my gaming group, which currently consists of me, my GF, and my good friend. We want a 4th to play all the steam co-op games with! The games we play include:

    League of Legends
    Dungeon Defenders
    Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
    Borderlands 2

    If you are looking for a nice group of friends to enjoy these games with, please contact me. We are friendly, and only bite sometimes!

    Oh, almost forgot to mention. We are mostly on the east coast of America. So we play during those times. Only requirements are access to a voice chat program, and please be over 18.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys!

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    Hey guys, wouldn't mind some more friends on Live. I play everything really, minus FIFA and Madden.

    live: TehBatmans

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    man loadout beta is fkn amazing so fun

    anybody that has a beta key want to hop on vent and do few games tonight? prob 7 eastern hit me up im gonna be high as **** good times

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    The Patient brightmonkey's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    PSN ID: hilaryfan
    just got a new ps3 and lost my old account so looking for new friends mainly to play some co op modes with in RE6 or Uncharted 3
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Go put some pants on.
    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    If it was free then maybe I would buy it instead of pirating it.

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    Steam: dragonhunter
    Skype: dragoncity

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    Driving/racing games

    Just thought to ask if people are playing any racing games and willing to drop a name to get a hold of for a race or two? Personally I'm playing Dirt 3, also just got F1 2012 and Death Rally if anyone's hitting them. (I'm a shit driver, so feel free to abuse).

    Leaving my Windows Live ID for Dirt 3 sessions if you're interested, it's whiteington, feel free to leave yours as well for people to call for.

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    Steam: NoRest4Wicked
    Battlefield 3: VTMTK_NoRest
    WoW/D3: Redriot#1656
    And I saw, and behold, a pale horse: and he that sat upon him, his name was Death; and Hades followed with him. And there was given unto them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with famine, and with death, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

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    League of legends: Kevalji
    Steam: kevalji
    Steam games I play are orcs must die2, TF2, Borderlands 2, castle crashers, and Killing floor the most right now.

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    PSN : Isade (don't play much on it)

    WoW : Kaisu / Kaiyae / Auir / Neiz @ lightninghoof

    FFXI : Falyku(asura) Kaizak (shiva)

    Trying to get in touch with a player numbed Pittbull (human pally) from my sever (lightninghoof. (none of us no longer play) If anyone has came across or just happen to know him please PM me.

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    Steam: arvizuwow
    You can hit me up almost everytime for some L4D2 or any CS game

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