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    Allowing Someone To Proxy to My Computer for WoW

    So I'm decent at using computers, but I'm not really amazing with networking.

    My friend currently is having personal issues, so the internet in his house has the ports for WoW blocked (but the rest of his internet works fine). Since I attend a university with a decent and unblocked connection to WoW, I want to figure out a way to have him proxy to my computer for WoW.

    I'm not really sure how to set this up. What I've gathered is I can use VPN, but I can't find a good explanation how to set that up with freeware on my computer and his.

    Is there a simpler way to help him with this problem?

    I'm using a Windows Vista, he's using a Windows XP.

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    Re: Allowing Someone To Proxy to My Computer for WoW

    Setting up a VPN tunnel is not really hard. However, I doubt he can connect to you PC within the University network.

    For a VPN you need a server that allows to connect to it via VPN. That should be no problem as any admin has set this up so he can remotely access his servers.
    What would make it difficult is that you need the IP adress of the University server and a password that allows you to connect to it. The IP adress it NOT your own IP. You will most likely have something like 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x, which is the one given to you by the Uni's DHCP server. If you don't know the server IP you might try a nslookup if you know the name of the server.

    If you somehow have both then follow this guide:
    1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

    2. Open the Network Connections item in Control Panel. A list of existing dial-up and LAN connections will appear.

    3. Choose the 'Create a new connection' item from the left-hand side of the window. The Windows XP New Connection Wizard will appear on the screen.

    4. First click Next to begin the wizard, then choose the 'Connect to the network at my workplace' item from the list and click Next.

    5. On the Network Connection page of the wizard, choose the 'Virtual Private Network connection' option and click Next.

    6. Enter a name for the new VPN connection in the 'Company Name' field and click Next. The name chosen need not match the name of an actual business.

    7. Choose an option on the 'Public Network' screen and click Next. The default option, 'Automatically dial this initial connection' can be used if the VPN connection will always be initiated when the computer is not already connected to the Internet. Otherwise, choose the 'Do not dial the initial connection' option. This option requires that the public Internet connection be established first, before this new VPN connection will be initiated.

    8. Enter the name or IP address of the VPN remote access server to connect to, and click Next. Company network administrators will provide this information.

    9. Choose an option on the "Connection Availability" screen and click Next. The default option, 'My Use Only,' ensures that Windows will make this new connection available only to the currently logged on user. Otherwise, choose the 'Anyone's use' option.

    10. Click Finish to complete the wizard. The new VPN connection information has been saved.
    That's for setting up the VPN. If you just have to run WoW then or if you have to configure some other network setting to make it work I don't know.

    There are also public proxies which you can just google, these usually are very slow and I wouldn't recommend them for playing online games.

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    Re: Allowing Someone To Proxy to My Computer for WoW

    If your friend is a full grown adult he can work out whatever problems he has so he can play WoW. If he is a kid then obviously someone (his parents) blocked WoW for a reason. Proxying your computer will just make it look like he playing from your location, which may make blizzard look at him suspiciously.

    And that's giving you the benefit of the doubt by not assuming you want this information for nefarious purposes (buying power leveling).

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    Re: Allowing Someone To Proxy to My Computer for WoW

    try logmein

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    Re: Allowing Someone To Proxy to My Computer for WoW

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshimoto
    try logmein
    http://www.ytechie.com/2008/05/set-u...s-or-less.html <-- I think this is what you're looking for. Not 100% sure though.
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