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    Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    so what you guys think of the footage. i love the extreme gore. i been waiting 10.5 years for this game since the 2nd one. Sucks that the hunter edition you can only get for xbox and ps3 in usa. but not the pc. so im order from the uk or austraila. whichever is cheaper. demo is coming out this week! im upgrading for it. screw wow pvp lol.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    I'll be honest with you, the first one was.....meh to say the least (dun flame me bro!)

    However the second one (which is the first one I played, maybe that's why my view on the first one is so meh) was amazing. Interwoven stories, great controls, great atmosphere (during the human campaign), and just all around great. Even if this is just a modern-day copy paste it would still be a great game.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    It's produced by the same people who made #1. It's essentially #1 with the gaming technology we have today.

    This is a very good thing in my book.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    Well, I remember the orignal version on the Jaguar (lol).

    Then the first PC version, I fell in love with it.

    Also the second PC version, awesome story.

    And the PvP rocks your socks off.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    I played this on PS3 at MLG Anaheim and it was great fun. I went into it completely unsure of what I'd experience, and came out of it 100% buying the game. Already have it paid off and waiting
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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    my thoughts?

    i cant bloody wait!

    pre-ordered through steam and will be using that predator skin always, absolutely stunning skin i remember back when i was a little kiddie and my father very irresponsibly allowed me to watch Alien and Predator (the originals) and i absolutely fell in love!

    Then played the jaguar one and cmon at the time it was epic, pc games were sickeningly awesome and i really cannot wait for this new one!

    Althou i wont ditch WoW for it its always great to have an FPS on the side thats fast paced and insane!

    Relieve your anger tear some humans apart lookin forwards to demo

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    tis epic

    "Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?"

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    I personally would like to see AvP vs Halo vs Starcraft because of the simularities of the species in their own respective games. But due to copywrite it will never happen

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    Another shitty console port.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    I knew it was Shovel-ware right when I saw the first advertisements for it. The movies themselves were basically Shovel-ware, any game based on them follow suit.

    Turns out, I was right.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    Apparantly the game is extremely buggy and the controls very awkward.

    But atleast those are things that can get patched

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    If the multiplayer is decent at least, I'll buy it.

    Infestation ;D

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    I think the general concensus is that the shooter aspect is solid enough but the melee variants of the Predators/Aliens is lacking somewhat. Also, the multiplayer is apparently a bit sparse. I personally won't be buying it due to the fact that a large part of the appeal is the multplayer, and considering I've heard its nowhere near level of MW2, thats effectively 50% of the game's playability gone right there.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    OK Played the hell outta this this weekend to try and find what is so good about it here is what i have found.

    Cinematics - great graphics not amazing but very pretty to say the least

    gameplay graphics - not great could do with a polish

    game play:

    alien = Can be fun, can make you feel sick and dizzy overall controls feel better on ps3 than x box the RB and LB attack buttons feel very clunky and are not suited to attack buttons.

    Predator = fun to play due to stealth, the spear sucks and is almost pointless though.

    Human = typicall ps2 feel, no precision aiming mode feels really old console like

    Story Mode = cinematics the same for all 3, boring story lines and a seriously short game even if you do all 3 characters.

    Multiplayer = this is probably where i spent the most time, there are good and bad games, the worst thing is waiting for a game takes about a billion years (i have a 50mb connection and still takes 10 mins to find a game. might get better with a few patches but that was enough to make me not want to play, however i persisted and played quite a few.

    overall its a good crack, i wouldn't pay release date prices for it maybe if it hits platinum for £15 then i might. but even then i would chose something else probably.

    Not as great as the hype it received

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    I didn't like it. I was hyped on the game, as I am a huge Alien and Predator fan, a fan of the original Dark Horse AvP comics and a fan AvP2 on PC. I never had a Jaguar and never played the first AvP on PC, so I can't relate to those. But this current version, I just could not enjoy to save my life. I played through and completed all of the single player missions, and in the end felt no satisfaction other than seeing 405 points added to my nerd score on XBL.

    The combat feels way too clunky, the only race I felt this suited was the alien. I felt like a total retard punching aliens to death as a Predator, and the same with a Marine. I don't see why each race was almost identical, with a few attributes added here and there. it all boiled down to blocking and countering, instead of playing to each race's strength. It seemed as soon as you would kill one person as a predator, no matter how stealthy, another marine would just come f up your Christmas a second later. Even in the shadows, marines would still just start shooting at the alien without warning.

    Aside from the combat feeling clunky, the story modes had no story. Weyland-Yutani wants to find the alien homeworld. Great. They always have. STARTLING REVELATION. They don't even reveal this until AFTER you've beaten the marine's story mode. Each story mode is essentially an unseen character telling you to flip a switch or find a power node to access the next zone. The next zone has a bunch of xenomorphs running around, and you have to kill them and find another switch. That is the entire game.

    I will say that the game does an excellent job of handling the atmosphere. The game looks great, even set up against some of the visual giants out these days (GoW3 for example). The sound in the game is also amazing, which lends itself to the atmosphere. Some of the game is fun though, such as cornering civilians as an alien and harvesting them. Running around as a marine has it's moments, but otherwise gets boring quickly. In all, I think the Alien's story mode was the most enjoyable out of the 3, with the Predator's falling in dead last as the most boring.

    I didn't get to spend any time playing multiplayer, but I did play the multiplayer demo. I'm not going to hate on the multiplayer portion of the final game, because I haven't played it. I tried to, but I couldn't get into a game after several minutes of trying. The demo was pretty fun playing with friends, but that doesn't speak for the final product.

    I totally agree with Orccy on not paying release date prices for the game. When it's a budget title at about $20, it will be worth picking up. I'd probably get it on the PC instead, as the mod scene would be able to update and fix some of the errors eventually.

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    Re: Alien vs Predator! what are your thoughts.

    the controls aren't that bad unless you're a complete windowlicker :> the only real complaints i've been hearing about the controls is the alien wall climbing thing, and i don't (like alot of other people) don't find that really hard at all, you click space and off you go simple as pie tbh. i did actually find the story mode entertaining and i did enjoy the predator, and if you're carefull and if you watch your surroundings pulling of a kill and then go back to the shadows isnt that hard at all, but i have to admit that the Marines are pretty OP but like what did you think a fucking storm of bullets would do to you rofl?

    And yes the blocking thing is kinda gay but it's a entertaining thing still.

    and the trick to what Xall said about killing and then like getting killed from behind instantly is just that you actually do have to focus on your particular species strength and weknesses :>

    i have the game for the PC and i do enjoy it pretty much :> infestation on the pyramid map is sick and it really brings out the scary and panicky part of the game
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