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    The Wire

    Great TV show, or greatest TV show?

    Sure, season 5 kind of sucked at times, but for me I can't think of anything that compares. The intricate plots were amazing, the character arcs compelling and tragic, and David Simon went places with the show that no one but HBO ever would have allowed. Any other fans?

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    Re: The Wire

    I concur, absolutely excellent TV series.

    It takes a couple of episodes to get into the flow of it but once you do you'll not stop until you've finished the season and then the series.

    I actually find it quite difficult to watch other tv drama after watching The Wire, simply because nothing really compares.

    The way everyone in the city is woven into one, huge interconnecting storyline is quite breath taking when you sit back and consider it.

    I still struggle with it toppling The Sapranos as all time best TV series, the jury is still out on that one.
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