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    Kickass WoW Radio (Nordrassil Radio)

    Hi guys @ mmo-champion!

    Long time forum stalker, kinda first time poster.
    Anyways, we have been doing a wow radio for the past 3 years now and i thought someone out there might enjoy it.

    Don't know if i can post links here tho, so i'll just try. If not, check out wow-europes forums on the Realm Nordrassil, got a stickie thread there where you find links and so forth. Enjoy ;D


    I'll just copy-past the introduction..

    Info about the show:

    Hello everyone and Welcome to your very own World of Warcraft radio Station.

    Let me tell you about myself and the Radio.

    I’m a 24 year old dude from Sweden, in a small town called Motala.
    Been playing mmorpgs since 99′ and been playing WoW since the early beta.

    The radio started as a thing among me and my friends back seven years ago. But i found it fun and so did my listeners, so i continued playing the radio for everyone who wanted to listen. When i started playing World of Warcraft in the beta i took with me the Radio and made it the “official” Radio station for whatever realm i was at. It was a huge success and after a couple of years i ended up on the Realm Nordrassil EU.

    So why is the Radio so popular? It’s because i focus my show on the three things that do matter for those Gamers like you and me, and those

    three things are ;

    1. The Music

    2. That YOU make the show. I am just the voice.

    3. Wow and our Realm

    I have the best news about our game as well as our Realm, best jokes ( or so i would like to think) and the best music! We also get the BEST requests and the BEST shout-outs this side of Azeroth. The shout-outs is often very amusing.

    With that said.

    Hope you will enjoy the show
    Happy Ganking and so forth

    Sincerely yours
    //DJ Morfar

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    Re: Kickass WoW Radio (Nordrassil Radio)

    Best show to listen to in the weekends and hopefully daily in the near future , keeping the mood up for all the PvErs and PvPrs and remember, don't blame the DJ, blame the requester. Cheers Morfar.

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    Re: Kickass WoW Radio (Nordrassil Radio)

    Been listening to this channel for some time now, and its great! 10/10 stars ! altho there are some wierd requests >.<

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    Re: Kickass WoW Radio (Nordrassil Radio)

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisernja
    altho there are some wierd requests >.<


    *cough* Don't blame the DJ , Blame the requester! *cough*

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    I know not many of you guys listen to Nordrassil Radio, but for all you that are awaiting the servers to reopen Morfar had put on the show to dicuss the drama with you all with sweet tunes from all over the globe. So pick your favorite tune, request it and start eating those popcorns!

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    good stuff! /10 stars
    'Mon the Scots!

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    Go there! NOW! Awesome stuff is awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ansible View Post
    After 6 years, we've finally collected enough of their scales to have a full set of Murloc scaled armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazara View Post
    Come play.
    Music is on now. Morfar will join us at 19.00 server time CEST.

    KICKASS music until then!

    TUNE IN!

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