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    Re: Your Favourite Lead Guitarist

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    Re: Your Favourite Lead Guitarist

    Alexi Laiho (CoB)
    Syu (Galneryus, Spinalcord )
    Sugizo (ex-Luna Sea, X-Japan
    Daita (ex Siam Shade, Binecks
    Takashi Ohmura
    Demetori (

    AS you can see most of the are japanese, all of the songs above are solo works or demonstrations... btw i left out the obvious ones like satriani, vai, petrucci and dave mustaine...

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    Re: Your Favourite Lead Guitarist

    Steve Vai hands down. love how he use the lydian scale and puts it to proper use. When Devin Townsend (The best singer in the world)
    was touring with him as the lead vocalist, the music was just mind blowing. Steves skills + Devins voice = jizztastic

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    Alexi Laiho, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo and more : )

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    Mikael Åkerfeldt

    Hes the Lead Guitarist and vocalist of Opeth and was the vocalist of Bloodbath. pretty much sums him up alot.
    it is also said that Toki Wartooth has Characteristics and was made to be somewhat like him.
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    6 pages and only one has said eric clapton....... clapton is the king of Guitarist and he can do things with a guitar that only other Guitarist can dream of doing.
    clapton is in a league of hes own and has done some of the best guitar solo`s ever made........ just try and youtube him. ecip clapton live - Cocaine Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton - Sultan of Swing........ thats just epic guitar playing
    mark knopfler
    eric clapton (the king)
    george harrison
    jimmy hendrix
    Francis Rossi
    gary moore
    jimmy page
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    Jimmy Page... No doubt about it

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    Jimmy Page


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheddabezze View Post
    Jimmy Page... No doubt about it
    Damn, beat me to it. As did others I'm sure.

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    Dimebag and Zakk Wylde.

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    Eric Clapton
    B.B. King
    John Mayer (cant deny he can play the guitar)
    Carlos Santana
    Steve Vai
    Jimmy Page
    Peter Townsend
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