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    BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Main hand = http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42944

    Off hand = http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44091

    I have access to both Lifestealing and Crusader. Which one for mainhand which one for offhand? I can't seem to find any current info on this.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    I used Crusader until 60 und then switched to pure agility.

    Worked out perfectly well.. Lifestealing only heals for 30 anyway.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Compare proc rates. I did lifestealing x2 on my shaman (leveled enhancement) and it procced all the time. Pick whichever heals you for the most (biggest heals and highest proc rate)

    If they're the same, pick crusader since the strength, while not optimal, still adds a bit of attack power.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Btw keep in mind that both of your weapon can proc a seperate crusader with another internal CD.

    Had a ~ 40-50% uptime with 2 swords

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Not sure daggers are the best choice pre-Mut, but if you're Backstabbing, then slow MH. Post-Mut, it doesn't matter, since the criteria there is which dagger poisons are on and which one has higher DPS, not which hand the daggers are in.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Right now I have 1 crusader enchant and 1 life-stealing enchant available to me, that's it. And I have the above weapons. One dagger is a tad bit faster than the other one. Which weapon should get which enchant?

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants


    I'm wanting to know which enchants to use on the 2 weapons I have for leveling, not twinking.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Use whatever you like, wherever you like it. The best idea is probably to use crusader on the mainhand, since it probably procs more there. And More Crusader = Better. Levelling with dagger pre Mut, you will want to stun your enemies to get behind them, thus not needing much healing anyway. Levelling with dagger before you have mut is probably not the fastest possible, but much fun. And you should probably put the slower dagger in you mainhand, at least that is the classical way of doing it.

    Not that any of that would really matter much while levelling. You probably spend more time creating this thread than you would win/lose by having an other combination of enchants anyway. Do what you like, and start killing stuff.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Ok, both the crusader and lifestealing seemed pretty lackluster when I tried them out. So i got my enchanters timbermaw rep up for dual +15 agility enchants and that should be better.

    That being said, since i am leveling with 2 daggers (this is what I have and is what i'm gonna use), would it be bad to still put my points into combat until level 50 and then go mutilate?

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Fiery is a very interesting enchant to have at low levels, as it procs a lot and does decent damage.

    As you level up (~40+), dual +15agi is by far the best choice.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    I know that you didn't mention this chant but like others have said +15 agil is the way to go. If you have your own enchanter you can be honored with Timbermaw in no time at all.

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    15+ is the best

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    Re: BoA Weapons and Enchants

    Yea just go with straight +agi; after level 60, the proc enchants barely ever happen and they're basically useless when they do anyway.
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