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    the whole album is a tribute to entombed and other bands from that time/style. and entombed left hand path....just an amazing piece of metal history.

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    Now, this is the TRUE Incubus, not the fucking pussy rock band that goes by the name nowadays. Fucking name-stealers

    Yes, I did necro it <3<3<3
    They're (short for They are) describes a group of people. "They're/They are a nice bunch of guys." Their indicates that something belongs/is related to a group of people. "Their car was all out of fuel." There refers to a location. "Let's set up camp over there." There is also no such thing as "could/should OF". The correct way is: Could/should'VE, or could/should HAVE.
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    Have to say the new Pestilence was somewhat disappointing in a way.

    It's a bit annoying that after slagging of Death Metal in general, Patrick returns to its purest form pretty much after failing with his other project. Additionally, whilst the songs themselves were (mostly) worthwhile, the repetitive lyrics really managed to put a dampener on things.

    Despite that, the way the CD opens was a definite highlight in that particular metal year.

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    thanks all who posted some good bands, I wasted a good few hours listening on youtube
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    You told her no!?! To friends with benefits!?!

    Son, I am disappoint.

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