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    Smurf - Rap / Hip Hop

    Eyy Was good,

    So I've got a couple tracks, produced and done up by me. Check em out on Youtube. Leave some comments below, lemme know what you think.

    Smurf - Sea Level

    Smurf - Your a Smurf Remix

    Smurf - I'm Pipe'n

    Smurf - Slap Game Clean(Uploading Now)

    Lemme know what you think. I'm Uploading all of my tracks now.

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    Re: Smurf - Rap / Hip Hop

    First of all change the thread title to "Smurf - Pop Hop".
    Calling this shit Hip Hop should be a crime.
    Straight up wack : >

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    Re: Smurf - Rap / Hip Hop

    Even though I dont call myself a hip hop fan, I do enjoy some of it.

    My main problem with it (the music anyway) it sounds a bit bland. It lacks elements to really want to make you move. From what I hear it's just a bass drum and a snare at different beats and a bunch of electronic sounds to give it that "club" feel to it.

    My personal opinion, add a good bassline and a couple of more actual instruments instead of the standard club music thing. I didnt pay much attention to the lyrics since it's the standard "back that ass up" you hear in every song these days.

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    Re: Smurf - Rap / Hip Hop


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