None of this is 100% true. I made this simply for humorous purposes. i am equally inclined to make one that makes fun of elitists / pvp / leveling. This one is focused at casuals and failures. I hope you enjoy. INCOMING WALL OF TEXT.

A long long time ago... About an hour
I can still remember
How those epics used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
I could kick some ass

But February made me shiver
With ever meter I'd deliver
Bad news on the doorstep
How am I last?

I can't remember if I died
When I stepped into that horrible fire
But something owned us deep inside
The day the raiders...failed

So bye-bye Mr Raider Man
Strove to tank but your a clothie
Tried to heal on a Mage
Your victory cry is "I R Uber Ryte?"
"I R Uber Ryte?!"

Do you write the Holy Pally dps rotation
And do you believe in fail above
If the elitist, tells you so?
Do you believe in resto tanks
Can top Tier save your mortal soul?
And can you teach me how to dps real sloooow

Well I know that your in love with fire
Cause I saw you running toward it
You both met in the center
Man! Now you're a burnt crisp!

I was a lonely non failure
With some pink gear and a epic mount
But I knew I was out of luck
The day the raiders...failed

So bye-bye Mr Raider Man
Tanking with your back to the mob
Healing people with full health
And attacking what we tell you not to
Your battle cry is "Luk I No Dis Is the Right Way to Do it!"
"Luk I No Dis Is the Right Way to Do it!"

Now for 5 years we've been owning
And getting welfare epics
But thats not how it used to be
When dungeons only gave you blues
And you had to work for a kill
And when you just couldn't fail and still raid

Oh and while the raider was looking down
The casual stole his shiny gear
PvP Isn't balanced
No you can't beat your counter
Even if they have no skill and wear greeeeeeens
The raiders practiced in the dungeons
And we complained about arena
The day that blizzard cared about those kids.. (Y'know.. The 12 year old who think's he's good because he can move his character)

We started crying
Why?-Why? Do we have to die?
Drove our mount to the raid but
Instances are full
The battlegrounds have no co-ordination
Singin, "What can't you just read?"
"Whats so hard about a 3 spell rotation?"

Helter Skelter oh look he pulled the boss
The dps ran out of the instance
Eight thousand damage and your failing fast
The boss landed a mortal strike
The healers tried to pick up slack
With the dps laughing on the grass

Now it's break time and we're all going to bio
Except for those five who don't want to move
We all came back to raid
Oh but those five now need to piss!
Cause they've been drinking soda all raid long.
The Raid leader refused to yield
Do you recall how we dealed
The day... That something happened

We started singing
No we didn't
Yes we did
No we didn't
Get back on topic they know you're stalling
Shut up, and fine.

Oh and there we were all in one place
A raid stacked up in one place
With no time left to try again
So come on dps be nimble dps be quick
Dps sat down in mid raid
Cause I will pick on tanks again in a feeeeew

Oh and as I watched him gather rage
Man hands were clenched in fists of stage?
Why would he spam rend?
No wonder he complains about threat!
And as his rage bar fell apart
He blamed the dps for pulling aggro
The day the tank died

He was singing
"I know what to do it's you who sucks"
"Why didn't you stand in the fire with me?"
"It gives you a buff"
"You're supposed to be lay on hands spamming me"
He turned away
He was still tanking when he did

I met a healer who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news
She just cried and pointed at the meters
So I went to the sacred forum
Where I heard there might be a glitch
But the forums... were all under maintenance

And in the raid the healers screamed
The dps cried and the tanks dreamed
But not a word was spoken
Ventrilo was broken
And the three roles I admire most
Tank dps and of course healing
They booked the last flight out of that raid
The day the raiders.... failed

And they were singing
"Why? Why? Can't you die?
The dps is only 2k
The healers are all oom
The tanks run out of room!

They were singing
"Why? Why? Can't you die?
The dps is only 2k
The healers are all oom
The tanks run out of room!