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    toravon waiting?

    so im at work and dont have access to the game for a few more hours, but to the people who do: is toravon out? I have yet to see anything about him or hear that he is. Alot of people have assumed that he would be, so is he out yet and ty

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    Re: toravon waiting?

    He is out. The patch release notes say so.

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    Re: toravon waiting?

    he's out, and pretty easy. 1 shot on 10 with a pug of noone knowing what he does
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    Re: toravon waiting?

    whats about item drop ?

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    Re: toravon waiting?

    Downed him around 15:00 central today, dropped T10 ilvl 264 on 25 man difficulty + some awesome caster PVP Neck. On 10-man difficulty, dropped Rogue and Feral dps T10 ilvl 251 gear, no pvp items though

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    Re: toravon waiting?

    what does he do?

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    Re: toravon waiting?

    He puts a debuff on the tank hat needs to be taunted off. It is a dot.

    He summons adds that spawn from void zones.

    He does a large aoe thatputs a 25% stacking debuff on you he does it like every 30 secs.

    He is cake

    we one shot him on 10 and 25 man back to back.....

    Also i'm laughing cuz he dropped t10.5 gloves for me and then dropped t10 gloves for our 2nd dk

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