Thread: FPS problems.

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    FPS problems.


    I'm having a really weird FPS issue lately.
    What happens is the following:

    - In dalaran, fine FPS, around 60.
    - Same can be said for 25 man raids (40-50)
    - Out of combat, same thing (60 fps)

    This is the problem:

    - During combat when others attack (40-60 fps depending on the raid)
    - During combat when I attack myself my FPS plummets to 5-7.

    What I've done:
    - Deleted all addons, Cache, WTF, and interface files.
    - Repaired WoW
    - Reinstalled WoW
    - Changed the Config file (the imac problem, that opengl line.)
    - Checked GFX card drivers
    - Checked motherboard drivers
    - Checked the actual videocard + RAM
    - Tested my hardware
    - Checked Router/network
    - Checked ALL ingame settings

    I've basically done everything I can.
    This is ofcourse, without addons. I'm not sure if this occured ever since 3.3.0, but I am suspecting it.

    My rig:

    - AMD Athlon Dual Core 6000 @ 3.4ghz
    - ATI 3850HD clocked to the max
    - ASRock ALiveDual Esata-2 MOBO
    - 4 gigs of Kingston Dual Channel RAM
    - Windows XP Professional. Updating to Windows 7 soon.

    Thanks for help in advance.

    PS. This 'problem' gets even worse when I have a few addons. I can't even run DBM or Bartender or any other 'general' addon. It's really strange of what's happening.

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    Re: FPS problems.

    You should post in the correct forum

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    Re: FPS problems.

    monitor system temps, could be overheating issues

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    Re: FPS problems.

    Does your frame rate recover after you stop attacking?
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    Re: FPS problems.

    Yes it does.

    Could you please continue posting in ? Thanks.

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