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    Flask/Elixir/Food Buff checker?

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I would like to find an addon that can check and announce in raid chat if people have not used a flask/gotten food buffed etc. I've seen it used before but didn't see the name of it. :S
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    Re: Flask/Elixir/Food Buff checker?

    Big brother does that as far as I know

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    Re: Flask/Elixir/Food Buff checker?

    yes, Big Brother is the one i use.

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    Re: Flask/Elixir/Food Buff checker?

    Raid Buff Status will do that also..

    - checks also if people are using cheapie food just to show a Well Fed Buff.
    - makes sure all possible buffs are out for classes in the raid.

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