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    Gear score mod

    Although I really hate that people use gear score to rate people in game its a fact of the game. So was wondering if anyone knows of a mod other than "Gearscore". The "Gearscore" mod is ok but I would like to see something that uses the same formula as WoW-Heros does as this seems to be the score most people go by. Does anyone know of a mod like this?

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    Re: Gear score mod

    ElitistGroup. Boubouille posted it on the front page some time ago, it literally checks for everything. Gearscore, gems, spec, everything.

    EDIT: It doesn't do gearscore, though it does average itemlevel. My bad.

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    Re: Gear score mod

    Elitist Group does NOT do any form of gear score. The closest it comes is that it mentions the Average Item Level of equipped items on the character being examined.

    However, it IS a better "scoring" system in and of itself - since it verifies that they're 1) wearing spec-appropriate gear, 2) have spec-appropriate gems and enchants.
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