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    What Resil to aim for in S8

    I just cant make up my mind of what amount of resil I should be running with. =(

    Thinking about 1200-1300 but meh dnu
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    Re: What Resil to aim for in S8

    no clue yet

    id say somewhere around 1000-1100 as shadow running a decent amount of pve gear.

    depending how beneficial the resil change proofs too be that number could go up or down. It made each point of resil more useful so does that mean you can afford less resil and more dps gear , or get more resil and become unkillable. Id bet you see people go in both directions. I am sure your going to see classes who are the constant focus targets of certain teams like disc priests in 3s or ele shamans in a 5s stack to 13-1500 resil and laugh as people try and kill them.

    I also bet you will start seeing alot more teams double up there MS as frostmage/shadowpriest magic 20%MS adds into the normal 50%MS from aimed/MS.
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    Re: What Resil to aim for in S8

    Depends on the comp you are in and your spec. Also healers get focused most of the time these days. If you are the one taking the beating get as much as you can otherwise get enough to be safe - 1k or so - and stack other stats to be more effective.
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    Re: What Resil to aim for in S8

    1450 is Resil cap.

    Anything up to that point is good.

    As a healer, take it as far as it can go, but dont stack it in Relentless/Wrathful gear, aim for throughput.
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