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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    The hardmode race is dead. This event marks the end of a the hardcore raiding community.

    Nobody will care about LK hardmode. It's pointless to event attempt it.
    Let's wait and see lol.
    Feral dps :3
    Bring back ArP rating!

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Cataclysmic. In terms of my own reaction, I'm shocked that they got banned and stripped of their glory. Surely a little common sense could be applied from Blizzard's point of view. Technically, they exploited a bug and benefitted from it, but on the other hand if they didn't know or correlate the bug to the Saronite Bombs, then they're (relatively) innocent.

    However - With the relative position of Ensidia in the WoW community, and with some of their players being "Insiders" (as far as I know, in that at least one of their players works for Blizzard), I'm disinclined to believe that they're innocent of not exploiting a bug that they figured out. It seems idiotic to do it, especially for normal-mode world-first, but I guess perhaps they were feeling the pressure of wanting to get the world-first for 25man, perhaps - pressure makes people do silly things.

    I'm on the fence, really. I've never been an Ensidia Fanboy, but I'm sad to see this happen. On the other hand, if they exploited the bug to kill him once they figured out what it was, then they deserved the ban.

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Quote Originally Posted by Halazz

    It makes perfect sense if you look at it instead of just seeing a reply and thinking "MUST BE STUPID COS HATE ENSIDIA"
    Just explain me how you could try a boss if you are banned. It would make you look so much less "hurr ensidia. must bash".
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrana View Post
    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Quote Originally Posted by Tural
    Their story is that they had no idea what caused the exploit to occur.
    Take that claim for what you will.
    So... they knew that something about the fight was bugging... they didn't know what it was, and they continued on in good spirit... What's wrong with that?

    Oh noes, something is wrong with Lanathel trash! I'm still gonna kill her :/

    btw, I'm not trying to shoot at you or anyone. I just... don't see this justifiable.

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Just to remind all you people who said that banning a top guild will hurt subscription's and what not. <Overrated> the top US horde guild for like all of Vanilla WoW got completely permabanned. So banning top guilds won't do shit to Blizzards subscriptions...

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    What I can't understand is how do you include in your normal rotation a thing that has a 10 min CD... Plus that thing does so little dmg that is not even worth using it in a normal encounter... I can only think that this was intended and, though i don't see it as a bug, because the effect of the bomb is very clear and specified in the tooltip, ( repairs objects blablabla ). It's not like evading mobs but using an item to make the fight easyer. To the ones who remember, did u use the lvl 40 trinket to stop Moroe's garrote in your FK to him, back in the BC?? Everybody did and nobody got banned.

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    I've been looking through all the armory links that have been posted and none of them actually show that they have powerleveled or changed professions. It just shows that they recently got an engineering recipe, which they should have considering the recipes available through the Ashen Verdict vendor. check again and check thir skills => Professions achivements. They have only had two professions.

    Doesn't most top rogues use engineering? Wouldn't this bug have been exploited by all top guilds? Yet Ensidia gets punished for being better? Im clueless, anybody found a blue post about this? Looks odd in my eyes.

    As far as I can see Ensidia havent said that they knew they encountered a bug. But that they saw the blue post afterwards and realised it was a bug. Am I wrong?

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Quote Originally Posted by Bikni
    they didnt know they where exploiting my a**
    Why would it be an exploit? Saying you shouldn't use Saronite bombs is like having a Holy Light doing it - what are you going to do, ask your paladins to sit out / cast only Flash of Light?

    If anything, this event should be an alert that Blizzard's testers SUCK and need to learn to test. But that's something we already knew, haven't we? That is, if said testers even exist in the first place...

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    Re: Ensidia just got banned

    Locking this.

    None of you know if they exploited the encounter on purpose or just did their normal rotations. For all we know both possibilites are valid. This is probably what Blizzard was thinking when they issued the temporary ban - keep that in mind.

    Also, don't create another thread on this topic.

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