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    The reason you choose your class

    So whats your reason behind your choose?
    Main shaman: Shaman Alt Paladin: Paladin
    Alt lvl 73 mage: Mage Alt lvl 70 Death knight: Death Knight
    Random dungeon project: Druid Battleground project: Rogue
    Worgen project: Warlock Future alt: Hunter

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    i like warlocks they evil ;D

    Well i like their spells and having a demon as pet and they are really fun to play in dungeons and raids

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    Well reason I choose DK because it was something new and interesting :P . Face it nothing really gives you motivation for taking down dear old LK when the only reason you have your character is because of him. And that beginning area is really awesome and motivating.

    Also gota add my first character i stuck druid. First starting out i saw the Night Elves and thought "o cool" and then i saw that their main aspect was being druids so when my friends started rolling horde i was like *shrug* eh lets go with the druids...i miss my old druid

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I chose a lock. It really was just a random pick, didn't really care when I was starting out.
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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I was playing around on one of those free servers, not sure what class I was playing at them time, but my buddy slowfalled off a roof and pom pyro'd someone, it was awesome, and made me want to be a mage.

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    Jesus Beams. Jeessuuuuuusss Beeaaammmzzz!!!!!!

    Our class is complex, and requires thought, but at the same time it's like... zoom zoom pewpew... know what I mean?

    Sorry for the spelling , english isn´t my main laguaje =P
    Yes I..erm..I can see that...

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I made a warrior, because they are strong and doesn't afraid of anything.

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I think


    I like retardedly massive plate armor and gargantuine two handed weapons


    I make a warrior as my first character on every game I play
    or anything that resembles it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Goldjman View Post
    Warriors viable in multiple comps? lolno. Any high rated warrior falls under the following;
    1) wintraded.
    2) very high mmr at the start of the season, so they fought their way to glad at 5 am vs 2k teams.
    3) has their connections from previous seasons carry their class.
    Also, we most certainly weren't the most op in S9. Dk's were a better warrior in every aspect. Thanks for trying though.

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I had rolled ret paladin mid burning crusade. thats when they were lolret really and weren't seen too often. I had seen some videos of rets playin in pvp and they got me hooked for some reason. The play style, the diversity in their specs and how different they were from other classes.

    I guess the other reason i had was because i wanted to play the class that was the counter to what i played in vanilla...a shaman. They were destroyed though when they became the fotm for 3.0...partly i believe because they were a joke for so long that when their dmg and utility jumped so much in one patch people freaked out that they were actually getting destroyed by a ret paladin. So i went holy for awhile before i took a break. I still play it as my main though to this day, and i'm back to ret. Hopefully catclysm will see some descent improvements that wont get nerfed or messsed with.

    Before that i had a lvl70 warrior(retired), lvl60 hunter(retired) lvl60 shaman(retired).
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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    in order..
    Hunter: because I thought it'd mean something to tame a pet and explore the world (first toon)
    Mage: I be trixie. Yah needah da wattah? (I loved trolls so much)
    Rogue: Sneaky sneaky Stabby stabby
    Turned 16...
    Warlock: I wanted to make everyone I came across in world pvp to suffer (ten fold in felwood cause of soul link bug)
    Druid: Jack of All... master of everything (scept tanking or dps at the time)
    WOOT TBC Challenges emerge....

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I like stealth.
    I wanted a class consistently solid in PvE and PvP, since I've always played PvP-deficient classes/specs.
    I wanted a pure, so I didn't feel help back by some hybrid tax bullshit and so gearing was one set.
    Trolls are win.

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    when i started playing 5 years ago i thought hey warlock summons demons, that sounds pretty cool ;D

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    Well tbh first i created a paladin way back in vanilla, because i wanted a supportive class that also could stand abit on his own feet.

    Then after some time playing him i created warriors and felt in love with the class.. Charge in and die is strangely enough my first choice of combat

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    when I heard I could turn people into sheep..... there was no going back!

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I finally got to the right server and installed all the right patches, so I just wanted to start playing with my friend immediately. on the character creation screen I just saw and thought:
    human- if play a human, people will think I am 40 years old and have no life, plus, who plays human in a fantasy game?
    dwarf - wow, big beards and the face looks ugly
    gnome - gnomes are tiny and look weak as shit, I bet anyone can kill a gnome with no problem
    nightelf - look decent, very fantasy like and they are tall and look strong
    so I hit nightelf, fixed my hair, and hit start, or "create", without realizing that I had just made a warrior.

    so basically i chose it by accident

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    I was thinking of rolling a Dwarf Hunt/Human pala..So i choice the hunter, and now im really sad..after wotlk camed out i was thinking of rolling a DK,bcuz its new & interesting but now im sad that i ever rolled hunter. Blizz just doesn't like them..
    When We Ride Our Enemies..

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    In order from creation

    • Warrior - A buddy told me it wasn't complicated. Main Vanilla-Mid BC
    • Shaman - I wanted a healer and it was new to the alliance Main Mid BC- End
    • Hunter - bored and wanted a farmer
    • Shaman (Horde) - I loved my Ally one and guild rerolled. Begin WotLK - Mid WotLK
    • DK - because it was new, later found On A Pale Horse makes a good Herb/Ore whore
    • Rogue - I had always wanted to top the meters Mid WotLK - Present
    • Pally - Well I loved my Shaman hybrid and I wanted a tank without paying $60 for the faction & Server transfer for my Warrior

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    Quote Originally Posted by Bananengurke

    dwarf - wow, big beards and the face looks ugly
    nightelf - look decent, very fantasy like and they are tall and look strong
    ^ LMFAO

    I chose mine because my account got hacked and didn't want to pay 25$ to transfer my 72 hunter/77 DK to a server which wasn't so dead you couldn't buy gear on, so I quit for about 3 months. My friends on my old server moved to Kargath, so I went there. I had heard that ret pallies were pretty good now, so bam I made a ret pally, still not wanting to transfer. And I made my DK, because they were new and exciting.

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    rolled a hunter in mid bc and i thought it was okay, a friend got me into the game, and i originally wanted to roll a druid, but another friend who played had one. they both rerolled horde and i stayed alliance, so midway through 3.2 i rolled a druid and now i hardly play my hunter at all.

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    Re: The reason you choose your class

    Went ret paladin because I wanted a versitile class, and was very much talked out of druid because of the slow leveling. Went Blood Elf because it was only horde option.
    Pondering returning.
    Nikoll - Retribution Paladin

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