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    returning to wow ?

    hi, i quit wow in october - november (ish) and i was wanting to return too the game so i could continue too raiding and kill the lich king but seeing as everyone has already progressed through ICC im wondering if id actully beable too return too raid. . .

    my current gear is : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...kir&cn=Wipeout

    also i work mon - fri : 4pm - 9:30pm so im basicly only able to raid on weekends

    please can anyone give me any advice, opinions on returnin or not.

    (p.s i am planning on reroll in cataclysm )


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    Re: returning to wow ?

    I stopped playing a bit ago. I got all my heirlooms and some gold and i'm currently waiting for cataclysm. I'v scene the end of the lich king and its awesome.

    My advice would be work -> wow.

    The LK has already been killed on 10 man so if your prepared then find a 10 man guild and attempt to take him down.

    Again i could be in a guild to take him down but i lost interest seeing as i'm just going to be re rolling in cata.

    In conclusion i would say No don't bother if your just going to reroll might as well keep the fealing of killing the LK to your character ur gonna reroll to.

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    Re: returning to wow ?

    The next gear reset is catalysm so up to you .You can still do your random dungeon (Anytime of the day simply que up and the dungeon finder fills the grp for you) for 2 Frost Badges and the Weekly Raid for 5 Frost & 5 Triumph badges .Then pug or find a guild .

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    Re: returning to wow ?

    I didnt inspect your armory, but WoW-Heroes should be able to tell you whether you are ready for ICC.

    And about raiding, choose a guild that fits your raiding frame. There are hundreds out there. Hell, right now i am in a guild that raids from 1 am-4 am. I never raid during that time, but its still the time my guild raids.
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    Re: returning to wow ?

    1st of thank u all for your views and opinons

    2nd of, ive checked wow-heroes too see if im ready for icc. and icc 10man, totc 25 & icc 25 are all in the yellow zone. ( the 1s i should focus on ).

    i guess ill have a long hard think about it over the next few days then decide.

    p.s im on al'akir a server mostly full of hardcore raiders. but i can always server transfer ...

    thanks again

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    Re: returning to wow ?

    1. If you enjoy wow, come back
    2. WoW is global - don't limit yourself to local server times. Find international guilds that run in a time that is more comfortable to your needs. Look at Oceana realms or US realms that have an oceana focus and you can get raids in morning, afternoon or super late night if you want.

    #2 is most important.. play the game on your time, don't mess up your work/job/career

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    Re: returning to wow ?

    come back?

    Obtained [Ashen Band of Destruction]. (Equipped) Dec 24, 2009

    you never left?
    u've done icc before

    explain reason for this post?

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    Re: returning to wow ?

    For the record it says that you received your last item on the 24th of December.

    On topic: Why are you going back? I quit quite a few months back, but even though I enjoy reading forums when I am bored to see where the game is going, I do not feel a need to start playing again since it is a waste of time.

    Try doing something else first, pick up a sport or learn a language in your spare time. Playing World of Warcraft is mostly a substitute for something else you want to do in your life. It hinders you from achieving other goals or reaching new levels in job, social life, or what it now is that you pursue in life. The question you need to ask yourself is not whether you are ready to raid ICC25, but if you want to spend your time playing a game instead of having an MA and speaking fluent Spanish and Japanese.

    For you saying that this would take more time, check the amount of lectures (time) for both an MA and the language courses, and then compared to your current /played and what you would have in another 1-2 years. So time is not an excuse. What is, is the amount of effort you are willing to put into life instead of some surreal game.

    Just a thought. Flame away, but you all know that I am right.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make (and use your arcane spec instead of fire at this given time)

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    I'd never send death threats, because it is just a game.

    However, if I ever met the guy at Blizzard responsible for murlocs ... I think I'd slug him. Just one hard punch to the face ... while yelling WHARBLGARBLGARBLGARBLGARBL!!

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    Re: returning to wow ?

    Yes, returning to WoW is going to work fine these days. You can do heroics to get good games, and then you can go and do the harder raids.
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    Re: returning to wow ?

    Quote Originally Posted by discipline87
    come back?

    Obtained [Ashen Band of Destruction]. (Equipped) Dec 24, 2009

    you never left?
    u've done icc before

    explain reason for this post?
    because my account was inactive for about 3 months so blizzard we're nice and gave me a 7day pass for wow. ofc i used those 7 days too try and get icc groups becuase i wanted to see what it was like. however on my server if you wanted a ICC group you needed 2 things...

    #1 - 5.1k gearscore ( used by some pointless addon to calculate your gear levels to equal up a score so everyone can judge your gear for raids instead of real skill)
    #2 - full wing achievement for ICC ( bare in mind when i was on for the 7 days only the 1st wig of ICC was out.

    so because i didnt have any those things ( had a 4.9k Gearscore ). noone would let me join a proper raid. however i managed to find a few nice groups for Rep farming hence why i managed too get the " friendly " ashen ring

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