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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurytos
    About Watchmen. They fucked it up. Sorta. I enjoyed the movie, but I think its partly because of how much of a fan I am of the book, and was going to see the movie regardless of how bad people said it was. But, I can see how people didn't like it. If you read the graphic novel and you really like it, you might have a different view. Most people I know that liked the movie, also were fans of the novel first.

    The graphic novel is really what you want when concerning The Watchmen. The graphic novel is superb, and very different from the movie. Especially the end. The end is by far the biggest discrepancy from the novel to the movie. Rorshach was pretty good in the movie though, probably the best from book to screen.

    As far as 300 goes, that wasn't a superhero movie. That was real. The movie itself was a bit sensationalized, but 300 Spartans actually fought against several thousand. At its base, it was a true story. the movie was badass though.

    The 300 Movie is actually based on a Comic book by Frank Miller which is then based on the "real" 300 spartan story.

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    After I submitted my post I did remember about the Frank Miller graphic novel of 300. And the movie in relation to the way the book was illustrated is fantastic. If you have a behind the scenes part on the DVD, Zac Snyder(300 director) talks exstensively about how he wanted it to look on screen as it looked in the novel.

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    Dark Knight and Ironman

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    The Dark Knight

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    batman or ironman tough choice

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    Sky High. Not kidding =p

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    The Toxic Avenger Part II. So stupid and gory and great.

    But as far as real superheroes goes, I'd say The Dark Knight, as overrated as it is. Superman Returns was good too, despite my hatred for Superman. He's such a tool.

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    The Dark Knight, duh.
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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamtail
    Can't beleive nobody has mentioned
    It was a very awkward movie. It put a lot of weight on you already reading the comic to understand it. And the Sex Scene.. I really didn't think it being 5 minutes long and detailed was all too required.

    The Spiderman movies made Peter Parker to be a Whinny little bitch, the first one was pretty good, then it became a grab for money.

    The Dark Knight was very well done, except for whenever Batman spoke, I had trouble understanding him. Also, a lot of attention was brought to the movie because the actor who played joker died (too tired to look up names). Also, Dun nanananana BAT MAN!

    Ironman was good, not much bad about it, I want his house.

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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    Batmanark Kinght,Ironman and the first Spiderman with green goblin.
    as for the worst i go for that nub :Superman returns
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    Re: Best Super Hero Movie So Far?

    Dark Knight for me

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