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    How to Caith UI's Pitbull?

    So I personally think that Caith's pitbull frames are epic! But I won't bother downloading the whole UI because I don't like compilation of addons she has , so can anyone tell me what skin,bar position, colors etc... ???

    Yes I bothered to make an account just for this post.

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    Re: How to Caith UI's Pitbull?

    You can download Caith's compilation and just copy the pitbull file in the WTF into your own

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    Re: How to Caith UI's Pitbull?

    Download the whole UI and then copy/paste only Pitbull folder (with the WTF files) ?

    That's the best way to do it, imo.

    edit: too slow

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    Re: How to Caith UI's Pitbull?

    Thanks for the quick replies <3 You guys must live in these forums

    EDIT: No no... NO!!! Why does caith use now bad skins in her frames and the borders... almost makes me puke! Srsly and somehow I can't modifty it... :-X

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