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    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Anyone done any crazy stuff in the game yet?

    I don't really have any friends who play the game, so I just had to let out this awesome thing that just happened to me in the game.

    I was a bit bored, so I was trying to grief my team. (Setting bombs on our bases, etc.) and I had gotten to the point where I had planned to plant some C4 on our own teams helicopters (Defending) and blow 'em up and /lol. So I plant the C4 on the helicopter (on the tail), and wait. Low and behold, however, three enemies run up before we have a chance to get in, hop in, and take off.

    I'm just sitting back counting in my head 3......2......1...... *right click*

    BOOM! got like 300 points, ranging from taking out a vehicle, to getting three kills, as well as other such as defensive kill, etc.

    It was pretty epic
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    Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2

    i got 6 kills + destroyed enemy gold crate with a single 40mm noobtube

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    Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2

    for anyone playing the beta, can you let me know what you think I'd be able to run it at?

    amd phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz quadcore
    4gb pc6400 ram
    GTS250 1gb video card
    windows 7

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    Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I've had a lot of fun playing the Medic class and using the defib on enemies. My buddy and I both go Medic then jump on a quad, then just rush straight into the enemy base and defib the shit out of everyone not paying attention. If one of us dies, we just defib each other back to life.

    Also, crashing the UAV into people from above is pretty funny as well. I've gotten 6 straight road kills this way before they managed to blow my ass up.

    And last night I had an extremely lucky shot while sniping which killed the pilot of an Apache while he was coming in fast for a strafing run. He sent me a message afterwords claiming I cheated lol.

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