View Poll Results: Who do you feel got the "World first 25 man Lich King kill"?

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  • Ensidia

    288 47.14%
  • Paragon

    323 52.86%
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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    I find it unfair for Ensidia but no matter how you look at it, they got an easier bossfight and that wasn't intended.

    I'm also a bit biased towards Paragon because they're on my server, lol.
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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    A world first is a world first to me, achievement or not Ensidia killed the LK before Paragon..

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by Krakmaster
    The way I see it, Ensidia got the first "World First 25 man Lich King Kill" there's really no arguing that. The Lich King died in their raid ID first. HOWEVER, Paragon were the first to beat the encounter.

    Who got the world first kill (in 25s)? Ensidia.

    Who were the first to beat the encounter (in 25s)? Paragon.

    Based on the wording of the questions, I had to vote for Ensidia.
    The most retarded logic I've ever heard.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Weather they knew they were exploiting or not they still made the fight a whole lot easier so it doesn't count, but the bad shouldn't count either

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Ensidia got the WF, yes, it was a bit messy with those bombs but still, they did. Not after who knows how many ten mans and 25man alt runs and 10man video release like Paragon.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Does this really matter to begin with?

    Elitist Group addon. Tells you what GS won't!

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Anyone realise how Paragon got him first try?
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    yes I think its safe to say that brother is mad.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Ensidia killed him. . .

    Paragon beat the encounter as a whole first.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    ensidia killed him first, because blizz is a whiny bitch
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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by La
    The guild that defeated the Lich King first ISSSSS....

    Dun duh dah dunn..

    I lol'd

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by lewis10123
    Anyone realise how Paragon got him first try?
    Alts that are awesomely geared and test the encounters first. A strategy that is in use by many guilds since limited attempts were introduced - hence all this "Uh, we didn't know there was a bug" is not very believable.

    No idea about Ensidia and their rooster, but Paragorn has about 150 and Stars even had a blog / interview shortly after their world first saying how they raid with 4 teams and when it comes down to the crunch they destil two raidforces of the very best to crack the encounters that count.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by Revitalize
    The most retarded logic I've ever heard.
    How is it hard to understand? Ensidia killed the Lich King first, but they didn't finish the fight as intended. Paragon were the first to finish the fight as it was intended to be completed. Thus Ensidia killed him first, but weren't the first to complete the encounter.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by Savarea
    Does this really matter to begin with?
    When your own e-peen is not long enough to swing around like a sword you borrow someone's else e-peen and swing it around.

    If totally random guild would have got there first and Lich King would have just dropped dead after first phase would you still be saying guild XXXXX got first kill? As in my eyes it's exactly the same thing. And I don't believe a word of them saying "We didn't have any idea that bombs were spawning the platform back". You aren't world top players if your brains aren't capable of doing 1+1=2. But hey! That's just my opinion. - The true nature of finnish people

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    The achivement is just for killing the Lich King, even if they used a exploit or not, they killed him, so Ensidia deserves the title.

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    Re: Ensidia or Paragon

    Ensidia's kill was taken away from them. However you look at it, Paragon got world first.

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