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    Merging battlegroups

    Auchindoun - PvP 11274 characters

    Ghostlands - Normal 12085 characters

    Hellfire - Normal 10789 characters

    Karazhan - PvP 6461 characters

    Nagrand - Normal 10564 characters

    Shattered Halls - PvP 7791 characters

    Sporeggar - RP-PvP 6518 characters

    The Sha'tar – RP 6713 characters

    in total :72213 characters

    and still in this battlegroup we never get into any BG except WSG and AB and i will just take a wild guess but it might be because out of all these servers only 3 of them are pvp servers so i was wondering if maybe you might merge vindication with bloodust seeing as they are also in a small battlegroup but they have better populated servers and have more pvp servers in their battlegroup or are you maybe plannig something else and if so what.
    Am i maybe the first person to point this out and if so is then SURPRISE we have a problem and maybe you could fix it please cause i like to pvp and i would like to be able to get into all BG. it takes about 4 hours to get 1 av going and i haven´t seen Isle of Conquest cause there never ppl there, the only battleground we can play is AB and WG and there are maby 3 on going max on a good day and we still need to wait for 30min to get into one. we have been talking to GM´s and they say they cant say anything about this or answer any questions and they say it is priviledge informatin wich i find kind of funny its not like im asking where is area 51 or who killed JFK

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    Re: Merging battlegroups

    Your Battlegroup isn't the only one with that problems. The Solution would be merging

    A) all RP servers, all PvP servers, all RP-PvP servers, all Normal servers
    Problem that would arise: no BGs at all for RP and Normal servers

    B) just merge everything from that certain language.

    I hope Blizz does something about that soon...

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    Re: Merging battlegroups

    It's not the problem. The inbalance between alliance and horde is the problem. Faction change ruined WoW bgs.

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    Re: Merging battlegroups

    Its too many Horde and lack of Alliance interest which is the issue in BGs.

    Faction changes started the slow death of the Alliance PVP population. X-realm Heroics killed off most of what's left of the small Alliance PVP population.

    Granted Worgens may breath a little life come Cata, but I cant see them more than a short-term FOTM. Worgens will faction transfer back to their Undead or Blood Elves within a few months, due to the perception that horde "wins" more.

    Why bother queueing BGs as PUG Alliance (only to be outnumbered) when they are less stressful alternatives for gear (Heroics, X-Realm BG Premades and soon Rated BGs).

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    Re: Merging battlegroups

    srsly man im feeling you, Sitting on Shatterd Halls for a season now hoping it would be merged but ive just got enougth of 0 isle's 0 av's and 0 bg's in general apart from early season or those RNG Sota's

    migrating is the only way to get away from this bull**** server
    Jacquel is
    The Real On Use Bubble Leak Evaluation!

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    Re: Merging battlegroups

    Quote Originally Posted by Dubroya
    It's not the problem. The inbalance between alliance and horde is the problem. Faction change ruined WoW bgs.

    Faction change killed BG's...

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