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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    Quote Originally Posted by CaspianRoach
    Can it be 2manned by a well-geared tank and a dps?
    We 3 manned it first try: Screenshot

    Then our healer handed in the quest with Hummel thinking that was the 'end', only to start the event again when we were all oom etc :P
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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    Got my mount today its probly one of the best mounts ever ! love the hearts over your head when you mount it! ;D

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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    the rewards are crappy: another event to jump.
    i think they would have to offer somenthing useful/interesting for these events

    the cost of travel to sfk is too high

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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    That mount is just too awsome. Any news on the drop rate? It must be even lower than the Headless Horseman's mount.

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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    A tank isn't actually necessary for this!

    One dps takes care of Hummel wearing the purple neutraliser, everyone else uses the green.

    Two dps stand on Baxter and take care of him, and the fourth ranged dps takes care of Frye as he runs round like a headless chicken.

    When Hummel and Baxter start casting 'Chain Reaction' just stand away > 5 yards and move back in after the bang... DO move back in straight afterwards - Hummel runs around if he doesnt have someone stepping on his toes.

    We've done this with Mage, Lock, Boomy, Cat, Rogue, DK, Priest 'tanks' with no real problems.

    Everyone stays out of poison pools of opposite colour to themselves, just to make it easy on the healer. Ignore the Crazed Apothecaries entirely.

    We had a nice druid healer with us, and none us were especially well geared - with GS's between 3.5k and 5.3k.

    No sign of a mount yet though - but we have managed a handful of pets and a few of the blue novelty items.


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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    how can you ninja when everyone is going to need it.

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    Re: Love is in The Air - Apothecary Trio

    this guy soloed it and made a guide on it

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