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    14 16.87%
  • Metal

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  • Heavy Metal

    15 18.07%
  • Other(please tell)

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  • Metal sucks

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    Favourite type of Metal Music?

    Im just wondering what type of metal people like the most.

    Personally I like heavy metal
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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    I posted other....
    I personally enjoy doom metal, doom/death and funeral doom the most.

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Don't really understand the options...what kind of subgenre exactly is Heavy Metal, and how does it differ from Metal?
    Voted Metal since I supposed that's meant to represent late 70's/early 80's metal and NWOBHM. It's the least heavy music that I'd call metal.
    I'm into prog metal and thrash as well, but strangely enough those weren't options (not that I would've picked them over NWOBHM anyway).
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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    How about all of it?

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Progressive Metal, Power Metal and Melodic Metal

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Progressive power metal, metalcore or melodeath are the favourites

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Power, Folk, Symphonic, Heavy, Pirate, Viking, Death metal all ftw

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Progressive is more or less the only metal that keeps me interested these days and even then it has a job!

    Listen to Cybion by Kalisia, it's one huge song that took god knows how long to make.

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Quote Originally Posted by Xheoul
    How about all of it?
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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Metal sucks!!... in my very humble opinion.
    Been playing in metal bands for 12 years... fun and all but i really don't like the music, with few exceptions.

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    How can there be a "best type" of metal?

    I'm 23 but I've found in the past ten years since I started listening to music properly that each person begins to settle down and mature to a certain type.
    A sub genre if you will. When I started to get into metal I was listening to shit, Linkin Park and the like and generally trying to conform to the same standards as my friends.

    I began to find that this wasn't really doing anything for me so I started looking down alternative routes.
    I went through listening from power metal to Grindcore to Doom Metal.
    These days I listen to so very little Metal but when I do its usually to appreciate the music than "fuck yeah! I listen to metal!".
    My own musical tastes went towards electronic music and such the only Metal I listen to these days are these guys:

    Genghis Tron are fucking amazing if you get into them.
    Listen to the song "Arms" if you can.

    The moral of my wall of text is that the best Metal is that which suits you.
    (I voted other)

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Melodic / Death Metal
    Symphonic / Melodic Black Metal
    Thrash Metal
    Viking Metal
    Pagan Metal

    I'm into Pagan / Black Metal atm.
    Especially some German Bands. Helrunar owns.

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Mostly Folk/power/neoclassic(or symphonic whatever)/(melodic) death

    Then more or less progressive, Industrial, Trash...

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Does Industrial count?

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Why wouldn't Industrial Metal count?
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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    You can't really ask what the best kind of metal is, because it's such a huge genre, with many different opinions =/

    Personally, I prefer progressive style metal.
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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    power metal ftw

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    I don't consider myself a "metalhead" anymore, 2 years ago however... i only listened to metal.
    I don't appreciate it that much anymore, which is why i don't really listen to pure-metal.
    Some of the music i listen to contains metal (to some extent), bands like:
    Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Dredg, Tool, Anathema, Dream Theater and Pain Of Salvation all have the progressiveness, with parts of metal. (progressive metal)
    Apart from that, i really love a band called Agalloch, they mix genres like... black metal, neo-folk, post-rock, ambient/noise etc.

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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    Can't choose one genre as "the best genre". Many metal genres have great bands, but they also have extremely bad bands. I can pick "the best" bands out of genres, but I can't pick "the best" genre
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    Re: Best type of Metal Music

    I state: IN MY OPINION. thanks

    In my opinion, it's hybrid genre that rolls.

    Folk/power, like Falconer
    Prog/power, like Pyramaze

    And so on.

    If i had to go for one overall: i'd clearly be Power Metal, just because it's so uplifting
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