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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

    " World of warcraft is a classical game,we all love it . It gives us too much memory about azeroth. But most of people can`t spent much time in WOW,job and life things allways take too much time.SO,world of loardcraft is coming now.

    World of loardcraft isn`t a copy of wow,It`s a extension and you're gonna love it! World of loardcraft developed by a band of WOW big fans.So we know much more about WOW.World of loardcraft is a web game for the people who wanna play WOW but not have enough time. world of lordcraft`s player controls have been far superior to world of warcraft or anyother game.As a web game,world of lordcraft mainly player with mouse,you can spent just a few minutes to play world of lordcraft everyday.One more important change is that world of lordcraft offered two different fight models for player to choose : auto fight model and instantaneous fight model. That`s a new level which world of warcraft and other games far from it.

    World of lordcraft create a new Middle Ages fantastic world ,which totally different from world of warcraft.In this new island Broad land stretch out as far as the eye can see,and rich in minerals. Fighting was begins between six races because of dominioun power and wealth. By touch the soul weak side, a great number of demons descended called from another world. These demons had desired for the continent for a long time. The assault was launched just when the two factions were weak at both sides. Those exhausted soldiers were too astonished to face the Demon Legion, and they instinctively scattered and ran for life.You can play as a young lord,lead your people to fight for Unknown Monster and other Hostile lord.NO rule in this world ,you must keep your people save,and advance economic."

    When I saw the first sentance, I though "Hey, why bash on them, they're making a tribute to WoW just like a lot of people do covers on music." Then I started reading the rest.........

    I lol'ed IRL.
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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW


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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

    lmao 'loardcraft' wtf it says lordcraft initally im now confused xD
    and i mean they didnt even invent or think up anything new? lol this is fail
    and yes it needs this

    and yes it is a link to a facepalm EPIC
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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

    this can't be real. in all honesty. CAN'T be real
    Dear developers,

    please nerf Rock, it's too overpowered. Paper is fine, however.
    Signed, Scissors.

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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

    I hope Blizzard will finally bring these Evony bastards down. I'm tired of those adds.

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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

    Is it just me or does the gameplay look nothing like WoW?

    It looks like a cross between lords of the realm and civilization/caesar/Age of Empires.

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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

    Quote Originally Posted by Chronicle
    They're not even trying anymore.
    Wow, holy shit.

    Unsurprising that it's the same people that made "EVONY" that "HAS OVER 11 MILLION PLAYERS". Could they make it any less obvious?

    Sorry, i almost forgot these are the same group that puts stock photos of women in bikinis in their gaming advertisements, so "YOU CAN PLAY DISCREETLY!"
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    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    Re: WolC, The new MMO Taking over WoW

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    Come back in 3 years, when WoL has two expansions: The Crusade is Burning and Grasp of the Witchking, people will be complaining that vanilla WoL was sooooooooo much better and the game is way too easy.
    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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