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    ahh thank you for clearing that up

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    The breakpoint once we obtain our 4p is indeed 3706 haste. However, haste is still a more preferable stat. in 5.1 compared to mastery so it is better to reforge away the mastery into haste, remember it still reduces the cast time of our spells which is beneficial.

    Stat Priority: Intellect > Hit | Spirit (until 5101 cap) > haste ( up to breakpoint) > crit > haste (after breakpoint) > mastery

    Checked your original, i give you 8/10
    Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.

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    Optimization seems very good, only things I could notice are that you've put 2x 160agility in your chest even though 80agi+160mastery should be slightly higher with the socket bonus and you're a bit overcapped on hit, I'd suggest reforging out of it on your cloak/ring. Overall 8/10

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    RayLeeAnna, your kitty looks really good on all aspects! 10/10. Tho I don't understand your glyphs as guardian.

    BTW :
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