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    Re: BEst professions for a shadowpriest

    Quote Originally Posted by minusxero
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    Quote Originally Posted by malacoda
    Pretty sure Mixology affects Potions of Speed also, which you should be using every serious fight, twice if you are really serious. Thus, imo, Alchemy is better then JC for that reason alone. 1 Sp over the fight is worse then 2x speed pots at double duration and 40% more haste.
    You receive an increased effect and duration when you drink any elixir or flask you are able to make.
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    Re: BEst professions for a shadowpriest

    Quote Originally Posted by minusxero
    You're missing the Engi boots enchant. Other than that, it had been a few weeks since I checked (I included EJ in my previous post as I was under the impression that they basically just use information. I don't actually go there), and I see now that the discussion is still up in the air.
    No, I 'missed' it because the +24 crit is a DPS loss over 12 crit/12 hit and the cooldown and the cooldown on the nitros gives them a distinct disadvantage over Tuskar's on any class that does not have its own speed boost (Unholy/Mut/Ret/Feral). If you're hit capped they would offer at best +9 EP, which would make it better than tailoring. The problem is in ICC you have to move at too high a frequency for their speed boost to be sufficient, so you won't be using them anyway.

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    Re: BEst professions for a shadowpriest

    Quote Originally Posted by harky
    Engineering cloak enchant: 27 SP vs 20 haste - EP gain ~7.
    Engineering glove enchant: 68 haste vs 28 SP - EP gain ~40.

    Net gain: 47. Bombs make up the gap and push it up higher.

    Tailoring cloak enchant: ~73.75 SP vs 20 haste - EP gain ~53.75.

    So no, unless you make very good use of bombs, Tailoring wins. With good use of Bombs Tailoring + Engineering beats other professions, without good use of bombs JC+Tailoring wins.

    And no... JC is well under Tailoring and Engineering and Incription is under JC. It's tied with the other +46 professions.

    Engineering is very nice, but at a logical breakdown of the passive spellpower from lightweave you can't really say any other profession offers a larger dps increase. That being said, utility wise Engineering could still be considered the most 'valuable' profession.

    I'm currently running with Inscription and Tailoring atm, I was going to drop Inscription a long time back for JC but then they changed the gems getting socket bonuses and I couldn't justify it anymore. Now I have every pattern and find it hard to walk away from that for the minor dps gain I'd get from anything else.

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    Re: BEst professions for a shadowpriest

    Quote Originally Posted by Figoment
    In terms of a profession bonus 11 spell power is ALOT. Alchemy is pretty bad
    I generally find that the passive bonuses of Alchemy make up for it, like never having to use a mana or health potion or even drink in heroics because of the Endless potions, twice the duration on all flasks and potion buffs, and the mixology benefits. Of course from a completely mechanical min/max point of view, it isn't the best, but considering how close it is and how professions always end up changing (blacksmithing and jewelcrafting are the best professions for everyone! Oh...wait...I wasted 10k gold) I would say pick what you like most.
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    Re: BEst professions for a shadowpriest

    First of all thanks everyone for the replies. I havent been able to read the post yesterday and now I saw very good answers.

    The main reason I considered Alchemy and Tailoring was because those were the few profs I still didnt had access to on my alts. Right now my priest is my farmer (herb/mining) but I'm considering changing it to my pally alt and doing something else on the priest.

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