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    Who's ready for Dead Space 2!?!?!

    I have recently played through the original Dead Space campaign on the hard difficulty setting and I must say that I have become a huge fan of this new series. I have read the Comic books, the Animated movie and have tried out the Wii version of the title. While I was playing this game i can honestly tell you that I always had easy access to a toilet for when I shit my pants from fright.

    My excitement escalated when I heard the announcement that Dead Space 2 would come out this year! (2010). I am waiting patiently so I can get this game.

    Are there anybody else outthere with my feelings?
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    Re: Who's ready for Dead Space 2!?!?!

    I don't pretend to be good at FPS's. So cutting off arms in the first game was insanely hard for me. It was alright overall in my opinion.

    As for a second one. I'm in no rush.

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    Re: Who's ready for Dead Space 2!?!?!

    the reason i loved the first one, plain and simply was no HuD, which instantly puts you in the game, you get a real feeling of being alone and on hard mode this game really shines, being tactical knowing when to run for your life to save ammo and beatin limbs off bad guys when your out of ammo.

    great game felt like i was playing a movie that actually scared me rather than watching a scary movie that makes me laugh.

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    Re: Who's ready for Dead Space 2!?!?!

    Still haven't completed the first one yet :-[

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    Re: Who's ready for Dead Space 2!?!?!

    By god Dead Space was a great game, though I'd say it leaves little room for a sequel.
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