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    Front Page ranking?

    I know back in Ulduar there was a front page post updating who got world, us, and eu first kills. I'm wondering if tehre will be one for ICC. Specially since vodka has already downed 3 hard modes.

    I quite enjoyed following that chart and would enjoy following a new one.
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    Re: Front Page ranking?

    You face not Malchezaar alone, but the legions he commands.

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    Re: Front Page ranking?

    Quote Originally Posted by BaddyMcBad
    Think he's referring to the Hall of Fame Boub had running for Ulduar.

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    Re: Front Page ranking?

    Well vodka now has down every non attempt boss in 25 heroic.

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    Re: Front Page ranking?

    it would be possible to get the ranking from wow-progress and put it into a small frame.
    it even is a pretty simple script actually. (you would have to cronjob it though)

    something like the frame on the right side of the page would actually be very attracting to all mmo-c visitors in my opionion.
    (and even more thrilling for the guilds )

    (please wait until it is fully loaded)

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