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    Surviving Warriors

    I'm doing 2s with a rogue. Right now our biggest problem are warriors. I just can NOT seam to survive them. Not the Prots or the Fury guys, I'm talking about those damn MS guys with all the bleeds and healing reductions.

    Here is my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...Storms&cn=Fryr

    Here is what usually happens: They charge if I was unable to close the gap out of combat with LoS. I bubble, mend, and renew. Penance when off CD and try getting out of range otherwise. I use PS when they bladestorm but after that its gone and they are still hitting me. Through all of this I still lose health faster than I can heal it and inevitably die.

    From what my rogue partner says he tries to gouge and blind the Warrior off me but he says a lot of times they miss(hes at 8% hit) so that rout is not something I really care to rely on.
    Do I not have enough SP to keep up with the current warrior output? Should I try something different?

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    Against an Arms Warrior, you should watch your spells with cast times/channeled. If they get an Overpower hit in on you while you're casting, your healing and magic damage is reduced by 75%(or 50?), that along with Mortal Strike could be what is destroying you.

    Try to trick the Overpower out of them, or just use instants while they're close, then use whatever chance to get a heal off(stun, fear etc)

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    At your rating dont waste PS on bladestorm you heal through it, hymn if nessecary - I doubt you'll find one warrior that knows how to cancel his bladestorm and pummel your casts at that rating.
    on top of that, your rogue should be on the warrior ASAP creating pressure and stacking poisons so the warrior wont reach you, use pillers etc for los so he cant charge and keep dispelling hots while running for the (presumably) druid, getting ready for a fear when you are close enough, one you get the fear - nuke the warrior with rogue to force a trinket, then blind and kill warrior :-)

    Basically to answer your question, the warrior should be pressured so much that he's forced to go on the rogue, and make sure the druid doesnt get time to cast cyclone on rogue by continuoisly dispelling hots and running after him, trying to get a fear.

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    I hate warriors aswell.

    I would at anytime rather fight a rogue than a warrior.

    Well my biggest problem (on top of MS/BS/KillPriestbutton) with them is hamstring - since If it wasnt for hamstring I would have a far easier time LoS'n/kiting until partner can CC in some way or I can get a sneaky heal in.

    And since rocket boots is banned from arena - that not the way to go.

    Wtb tips'n'tricks.

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    Having real problems agaisnt arms warriors as shammy too...

    I can spam heal myself but the heals just seem to *MISS* me....

    And if i try to roll with earth shield and riptide without any casts (exept NS -> healing wave)

    They just faceroll me down...
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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    Bend over, take it like a man.

    Or tell your partner(s) to learn to peel.

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    Survive warriors?

    Fake Cast.
    Run INTO your fears.
    You fear a warrior 10 yards away, he zerks it and charges you, 25% extra chance crit with next overpower/ms ? gg + the stun hurts if u are trying to heal as u fear him off u.

    Best ways to combat warriors, dots + Mindcontrol, they can switch to another stance to interrupt it or force to be CC for a few sec to let your MS fall off, its pure win.

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    You dont survive warriors, you make sure your teammates peel them off you.

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    You gotta get peels pretty much, wars are tough due to charge/intervene and hangin in the "dead zone" being tough, most will just backpedal charge ya when you hit penance if theyre good. That said there are a few things you can try to help out; Pain supp the first BStorm & heal thru.. next time bstorm comes up shadowfiend, fw on the pet, mending will bounce back and forth between the 2 of you (also a good time to PI & spam heals on yourself), by the next one you should have pain supp back up.

    I think you can fear and if he zerks with that healing dealy up it will cancel it too, but tbh fear is pretty worthless vs wars anyways.

    Get your rogue to disarm too~~ helps alot with the dmg output a war can hit ya with

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    Playing both Disc Priest and Prot Warrior in arena I hope I can help on both sides. I used to arena as arms. Destroying healers is a warriors job. Eventually they will wear you down and with a well timed intercept or pummel it's game over. This is where your rogue needs to peel. Dismantle in tough healing situations, especially if you suspect bladestorm soon. Make sure your rogue is also putting crippling on him. Will stop the run out/charge in issues. He will be moving no faster than you with hamstring. So although you may not be able to get away, he won't be able to charge, watch how fast a warrior runs out of rage if you don't fight back and he can't charge(providing your rogue isn't attacking him). In this case you don't have really any outs, he'll zerker rage fear, so the rogue needs to be pressuring him til he swaps. Also a little trick that works VERY well, but seemingly only against warriors. Shadowfiend.... For whatever reason it tears them up. MAKE SURE you fear ward the sf or the warrior will fear and it's game over sf.

    For the Warrior's reading this.
    /cancelaura Bladestorm = intercept/pwn the well timed sprinting rogue or pummel the last ditched heal to survive as you faceroll the healer.

    Good luck bro

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    rogue has to stay on the warrior NO MATTER what.....also when he BS dont bother using PS...just bounce mendings....it works wonders.

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    poisons should be on the warrior all the time alowing you to get away otherwise I would get a new arena partner. Me myslef usually use power infusion fo be able to use quick flashheals and setting presure at his healer with smite etc while he can't help, even got a druid cykloning me while his warr bladestormed me cuzz I went to hard on him :P

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    Re: Surviving Warriors

    This game isnt balanced 1v1.
    Get better peel.

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